Brew the Best Cup of Chocolate Tea

Chocolate and tea make for a delightful dessert tea experience. Choose from Tea Forté's many premium blends to find a new favorite.

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The Perfect Cup of Chocolate Tea: A Guide

Steeping for Optimal Flavor and Enjoyment

Lovers of tea and chocolate need look no further than the gourmet chocolate tea blends at Tea Forté for a collection of delightful steeps that blend these two well-loved treats. Crafted to deliver rich taste without the guilt often attached to dessert, knowing how to best steep these teas gives you the full experience of their unique flavors.

What is Chocolate Teaω

Any type of tea can be blended with the flavors of chocolate. The chocolate overtones can come from one of several sources including bits of actual chocolate, roasted cocoa pods or natural flavorings added to the tea. Sometimes other flavors such as coconut or hazelnut are included to create a one-of-a-kind blend with exceptional taste.

How (and When) to Enjoy Tea with Chocolate Flavors

Chocolate teas are known as dessert teas because of their sweetness. Enjoying a cup after a meal satisfies the craving for dessert without any of the calories or processed ingredients found in commercial treats. Naturally caffeine-free herbal teas are a nice way to relax before bed. You can also drink these teas in the morning or as tasty accompaniments to afternoon snacks.

Teas with real chocolate or cocoa as part of the blend may have additional health benefits beyond those offered by the tea itself. Both tea and chocolate have been shown to have antioxidant properties which may prevent cellular damage that leads to disease.

High-quality dark chocolate may also deliver trace minerals including iron, copper, magnesium and manganese. Other possible health benefits come from phosphorous, zinc and potassium. These minerals are important for a variety of essential body processes.

The flavanols in chocolate could potentially complement those in tea to help blood vessels produce nitric acid, a compound that regulates dilation. Better dilation can lower blood pressure and increase blood flow for a healthier cardiovascular system.

Tea bags, or Tea Forte’s signature pyramid infuser, are the easiest way to enjoy a blend of tea and chocolate. Simply place in a cup and add water that has just been boiled. Steep for three to five minutes for the best flavor. For loose tea, follow the measuring instructions on the package to add the correct amount to a tea infuser, teapot or tea ball and steep the same way. Herbal teas may require boiling water to extract the fullest flavor.

Check the type of tea you're steeping to see if it can be infused more than once. Subsequent infusions have different flavor profiles and may deliver additional health benefits. Depending on the type, you could get several additional infusions from a single tea bag or measurement of leaves.

Enjoy Tea Forté's chocolate tea blends as a treat or a daily indulgence for a tasty tea experience any time. Shop tea collections to find new blends to try or stick with old standbys for a flavor you know you'll love.

Chocolate Rose Tea
Deep chocolate taste with a floral finish.
Coconut Chocolate Truffle
Seductive chocolate and island coconut.
Hazelnut Truffle
Rich dark chocolate enrobed with hints of hazelnut.