earl grey tea

A symphony of robust Assam leaves with a light liquoring of cold-pressed, Italian Bergamot citrus. Our blend of this classic tea has been carefully crafted to define how an Earl Grey should taste. Deeply aromatic with a bold flavor.
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Earl Grey Tea

Customer Reviews

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser |4 of 5 stars

Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 3-5 minutes,  208°F 

For loose leaf iced teas, use 2 tsp per 8oz glass.


organic Indian Assam black tea, natural orange flavor, natural bergamot flavor, organic cornflower blossoms

Caffeine Level



Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic

Fair Trade Certified USDA Organic
Earl Grey Tea
Assam tea from northeastern India and bergamot from Italy

Did You Know?

Bergamot is a small citrus fruit with a protruding nub like a navel orange. Earl Grey tea is flavored with oil made from bergamot peel, and has a distinctive taste loved by many. Earl Grey tea is named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey and Prime Minister of England from 1830-1834. Legend has it that he received bergamot flavored tea as a gift after one of his men had rescued the son of a Chinese mandarin from drowning.

More Info

Tea Type:  Special blend organic black tea leaves blended with natural Italian bergamot oil

Origin:  Assam / Sewpur, India

Tea Forté Earl Grey is an exceptional blend of stunningly superb Organic Assam tea leaves infused with cold pressed Italian Bergamot oil from the citrus fruit grown in Bergamo, Italy. Considered to be one of the most popular teas in the West, and likely the most popular flavored tea in the world, we’ve made this an even greater grey with a sprinkling of Organic cornflowers to create a rich, full-bodied cup for those who enjoy their tea with milk for the perfect classic.

The natural citrus oil is pressed from the peel of the Bergamot citrus fruit and gives Earl Grey its distinctive taste and aroma.

Organic cornflowers and natural orange flavor.

Tasting Notes:

  • Flavor: bright and balanced, with lively citrus freshening flavor with floral undertones on a full bodied base
  • Aroma: subtle and light, offering up the flamboyance of the bergamot
  • Infusion: dark, coppery, with blue cornflower petals for added visual charm
  • Strength: full bodied

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Event Box

earl grey tea event box

48 pyramid infusers

Loose Leaf Tea Canister

earl grey tea loose leaf tea canister

35-50 servings

One Pound Loose Tea Pouch

earl grey tea one pound loose tea pouch

160 servings

Presentation Box

earl grey tea presentation box

20 pyramid infusers

petite presentation box black tea assortment

black tea assortment petite presentation box

two pyramid infusers each: Earl Grey, Black Currant, English Breakfast, Estate Darjeeling, Orchid Vanilla


presentation box black tea assortment

black tea assortment presentation box

four pyramid infusers each: Black Currant, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Estate Darjeeling, Orchid Vanilla


single steeps® samplers single steeps sampler

single steeps sampler single steeps® samplers

three each of the following organic blends: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chamomile Citron, Green Mango Peach, Ginger Lemongrass


single steeps® tea chest tea chest single steeps

tea chest single steeps single steeps® tea chest

28 pre-portioned pouches, one of each blend: African Solstice, Apricot Ameretto, Blood Orange, Bluberry Merlot, Bombay Chai, Caramel Nougat, Chamomile Citron, Cherry Marzipan, Coconut Chocolate Truffle, Coconut Mango Colada, Cucumber Mint, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ginger Lemongrass, Green Mango Peach, Honey Yuzu, Jasmine Green, Lychee Coconut, Mojito Marmalde, Peach Brûlée, Peach Rhubard Preserve, Sencha, Swiss Apple, Tangerine Rosemary, Tupelo Honey Fig, White Ginger Pear, White Cinnamon Sage, Wild Apple Ginger


tea chest tea chest tea tasting assortment

tea chest tea tasting assortment tea chest

40 pyramid infusers, two infusers each of: Earl Grey, Orchid Vanilla, Ginger Lemongrass, English Breakfast, Chamomile Tisane, African Solstice, Black Currant, Formosa Oolong, Citrus Mint, Jasmine Green, Bombay Chai, White Ambrosia, Sencha, Estate Darjeeling, White Ginger Pear, Raspberry Nectar, Green Mango Peach, Hazelnut Turffle, Lemon Sorbetti, Blueberry Merlot.


large gift tin tea tasting assortment

tea tasting assortment large gift tin

three pyramid infusers each: Black Currant, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, White Ginger Pear, Chamomile Citron


medium gift tin tea tasting assortment

tea tasting assortment medium gift tin

one pyramid infuser each: Black Currant, Earl Grey, Jasmine Gree, White Ginger Pear, Chamomile Citron, Raspberry Nectar


petite presentation box tea tasting assortment

tea tasting assortment petite presentation box

one pyramid infuser each: Earl Grey, Black Currant, Green Mango Peach, Jasmine Green, White Ambrosia, White Ginger Pear, African Solstice, Chamomile Citron, Ginger Lemongrass, Raspberry Nectar


presentation box tea tasting assortment

tea tasting assortment presentation box

two pyramid infusers each: Black Currant, Earl Grey, Green Mango Peach, Jasmine Green, White Ambrosia, White Ginger Pear, African Solstice, Chamomile Citron, Ginger Lemongrass, Raspberry Nectar


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Customer Reviews (21) Write a review

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Strong and lovely!

This is the strongest bergamot Earl Grey I've found - and I couldn't love it more! I crave this tea, and it makes the morning worth getting up for! An incredible surprise was finding that the piece of dark chocolate I had thrown into the tin (for lack of a quick place to stash it) had soaked up the flavor of the tea. It was transformed into an unbelievable Earl Grey Chocolate. I now keep a rotation of small chocolate pieces in the bottom of the tin (under the liner) for emotional sustenance. It takes about a week for the chocolate to soak up the flavor; the longer, the better. Absolutely awesome!

08/18/15 | Pat, W'ford, MA

infuser Overpowering Bergamot, Off Flavors and Odors

After reading all the rave reviews about this tea I was excited to try it. I used a Single Steep in my Kati cup and let it steep for 4 minutes. The first thing I noticed was an off-putting, chrysanthemum-like odor that was almost reminiscent of insecticide. The taste was no better. As a Tea Forte fan and an Earl Grey lover, I appreciate bergamot, but this was overpowering and it almost tasted soapy. Sugar and cream didn't help. It left a sour aftertaste that I actually had to wash down with a sweet cola soda to get it out of my mouth. Very disappointing, would not buy it again.

06/10/15 | Jeff, Nunda, NY

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Best tea i've ever had.

I got the Earl Grey loose leaf tea canister from a site recommendation from my tea-obsessed friend, and I see why he loves it so much. The earl grey from TeaForte surpasses every other earl grey I've ever tried, by so, so much. The simplistic yet elegant process of preparing this tea from the convenient and surprisingly decorative canister is so satisfying. And you're rewarded after a successful brew with a nice, refreshing cup of hot goodness. The dark, brown-red colour mixed with the enticing citrus-like taste is simply overwhelming. This is the greatest tea I've ever had and I'm sure this website has much more to offer, I will certainly be purchasing this again.

05/14/15 | Lucas, Mason, OH

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Best so far!

This is the best Earl Gray I've had. I love being able to see the little flowers in my cup while steeping. Smells good and taste great!

04/08/15 | Jennifer, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Delicious

I love the way this tea taste. The smell and flavor are both so relaxing and delicious it makes my worries melt away.

04/06/15 | Amanda, Austin, TX

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser The BEST Earl Grey

I have been drinking Tea Forte's Earl Grey tea exclusively for over two years now (two VERY large mugs per day)...It is, quite simply, the best tasting Earl Grey I have come across (and I have consumed quite a bit over the years). I, too, found the tea leaves to be too "fine" ---but ONLY with the "packaged" Earl Grey; the Earl Grey sold in CANISTERS (tins) is PERFECT: larger leaves, none of the "dust." Purchase the CANISTERS....you won't regret it when you taste this full-bodied, fragrant Earl Grey!

03/19/15 | Gayle, Aiken, SC

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser good tea

It smell really good and taste great

02/26/15 | kellyn, oklahoma city, OK

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Earl Grey - my FAVORITE

Well, I read the reviews about the tea leaves being too fine. I buy the large loose package and found this to be true, however, the taste over-rides the bother of straining the tea. I love it! My trick is to spoon one tablespoon of the loose tea in a round coffee filter and hold the gathered ends together. After pouring the water, I settle the little package in my four cup pot while still holding the gathers, I place the lid on, trapping the filter just a bit. It works every time -just pure tea, no trace of tea dust or leaves. I don't take the lid off until all the tea is gone. When I'm at work and I don't have my little tea pot. I staple the little package, making my own tea bag and put it in a large mug to steep.

12/07/14 | Donna, Saint Augustine, FL

infuser infuser At least it's good for baking

I have given up on trying to drink this tea. No matter how I brew it (being careful about the temperature of the water and even steeping it for 2 minutes instead of 3), it always comes out way to strong and bitter. Don't get me wrong, I love a strong cup of tea. This one is just too much. I have discovered, however, that it does ok in baked goods. The shortbread cookies I made were decent, though since the tea leaves had to be baked in it, they had a bit of a bitter aftertaste. It's still a work in progress, lol. The other thing I found disappointing about this tea is the state it came in. I prefer my loose leaf tea to be full leaf, not the crumbles you'd expect to find in a tea bag. I'm happy for those who enjoy this tea, it's just not for me. I would only recommend it to people who like their tea extra, extra, extra strong.

08/19/14 | Toni, Seattle, WA

infuser infuser Powdered Earl Grey?

I remember how excited I was to get this tea. You see, earl grey tea is my favorite. And I opened up the canister to discover that it was powered - so fine that it was falling through the holes of my Kati Cup's strainer. But I gave it a shot anyway, thinking, "This is Tea Forte! Everything they do is great!" This tea did not impress. It's got too much Bergamot to it - it's all I could taste or smell. And because the leaves fell through the strainer, they kept steeping as I drank, making the tea bitter. I've tried everything I can think of - using less than a full teaspoon of tea in an 8 ounce cup to make it less strong, changing strainers even tried putting a teaspoon of it in a friend's "one cup" coffee maker....and nothing has worked to make this tea a winner for me.

02/22/14 | Jennifer, Pittsburgh, PA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser ...try this tea

If you think you like the super market version of Earl Grey tea you will most definitely fall in love with your first cup. I could not believe the difference in taste. This tea rocks!

10/24/13 | ann, Athol, MA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Delicious Hot Delicious over ice.

Ok, this is about the best Earl Grey I have ever tasted....and I grew up in the South...so long line of big tea drinkers of every kind and flavor. Don't over brew! Follow steeping directions, and you won't be disappointed.

07/25/13 | Dan, Henderson, NV

infuser infuser Taste Great.. but powdery

As the headline says, the taste is really nice, bold but not overpowering provided you do not over steep. My issue is that when I received the tea the majority of it was so broken down it was basically powdered, what I would expect if I opened up a tea bag. I steep in a fine mesh and still have to re-strain to avoid a cup full grains. Very Disappointing.

12/21/12 | Alison, St Paul, MN

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser I'M IN LOVE!

I was given the Kati double wall ceramic "mug" as a birthday gift to days ago, and one of the single packets included was Earl Gray. I always hated any Earl Gray I ever tried. It was always way too bitter and gross. My gift giver was telling me that the tea stores clerk made a comparison of tea forte's tea and tea bag tea. She said that the tea bagged tea was basically all of the leftover stuff from all of the good stuff. It made sense to me...So I tried the Earl Gray with high hopes that it would be the most amazing Earl I had ever found, and that I would fall in love! Well, I'M IN LOVE! This is the most amazing Earl Gray I've ever tried! It's just that perfect blend of dark spices of the Bergamot and it's just the right amount sweet! I needed to add nothing to it to make it taste better because it'd already amazing! Thank you Tea Forte!

08/30/11 | Amber, Portland, OR

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser The best Earl Grey Ever

My son brought me back a medium Classics Sampler Tin as a gift when he was on a recent trip to San Francisco. I tend to drink only Earl Grey and on occasion Darjeeling or English Breakfast. This is far and away the best tea I have ever drank. Now I just have to find where to buy it in Toronto.

11/23/10 | Shayna, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Very good. Don't oversteep.

This is delicious Earl Grey. If you grew up on a certain Earl Grey in the yellow paper packet, you know what it's like when some other brand gets it wrong. This gets it very right. Better, even. I suggest sticking to the lower end of the recommended brewing time though, steeping for three minutes instead of five, particularly if you don't use milk or sugar. It can be bitter by five.

04/26/10 | Eric, Atlanta, GA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Absolutely smitten

I had this Teaforte Earl Grey Tea for the first time last evening at The Cut Steak House in Halifax, N.S. I mentioned to our server, Keith, how I was enjoying the cup & commented that it was definately the best cup of Earl Grey I had ever had. Pleasantly very different I told him. Sooo, he gave me 2 to bring home with me. Bless him, now I won't rest until I manage to get myself to a store to purchase some for my stash. I am a real tea fan & I see it as becoming my new favorite tea!! The fact that these are organic, perhaps some of the reason for the unusual flavor, I look forward to trying other Tea forte flavors.

04/11/10 | CHERIE, Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Simply the BEST

My husband brought Tea Forte Earl Grey tea home for me from a business trip. When I first tasted it, I couldn't believe my taste buds! This tea is exquisite perfection. I am an avid tea drinker (and kind of a snob about it, too) and there is no other tea I've tried that is better than Tea Forte. The fact that it is organic only elevates it's stellar quality. I would say I'm totally hooked! Looking forward to tasting other varieties.

03/08/10 | Heather, Phoenix, AZ

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Awesome!!

The absolute best earl grey tea I've ever had!!

09/19/09 | Jennifer, Kingston, Canada

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser The best Earl Grey I have ever had!

Had this tea at an expensive restaurant. It quickly became my favorite and I had to track it down online. The best Earl Grey I have ever had!

08/28/09 | Tulika, Long Island, NY

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Earl grey is a classic tea

Earl grey is a classic tea and this Tea Forte blend is my absolute favorite. I have tried loose and bagged and this is by far the best Earl Grey I've tasted.

05/21/09 | Mylinda, Cartersville, GA