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Tea Notes

Discover the world of tea, from the history of its cultural significance to the science of its benefits and the art of its preparation.

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Tea Notes

Discover the world of tea, from the history of its cultural significance to the science of its benefits and the art of its preparation.

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Wedding Tea Traditions and Inspiration
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Wedding Tea Traditions and Inspiration

5 Min Read | March 24, 2020

Tea is a universally enjoyed tradition, having made its way into celebrations for thousands of years. Its ability to bring people together is perfectly suited for special occasions like weddings and wedding weekend activities, with endless ways to incorporate the timeless treat. Read on for a history of wedding tea traditions and inspiration for your own special day.


To accompany your wedding cake or provide an elegant send-off for guests as the reception draws to a close, tea is a classic way to end the occasion on a sweet note. Stock up on a selection of special teas, including caffeinated and caffeine-free options such as a black tea blend and an herbal tisane, to refresh loved ones as the celebration concludes.

Tea Forté’s Event Boxes are perfectly suited for serving a proper wedding tea service, offering 48 silken tea infusers in each box. Choose your favorite blends and share them with guests in a refined final touch.


Tea has always been an elegant choice for a gift of any sort, and it lends an added sense of occasion when given to special members of a wedding party including immediate family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, or anyone helping the happy couple begin their lives together. Tea Forté offers a beautiful selection of classic tea gifts perfect for moments like these, from fun Tea Chests Samplers to chic teaware sets and opulent platinum tea infusers.

An elegant gift set for the newly married.


The big day can be something of a marathon for wedding party members, with day-of responsibilities beginning early in the morning and lasting late into the night. So, it’s a considerate touch to keep close friends and family energized by setting out a selection of green tea blends for their arrival at the wedding venue. Green tea contains an amino acid called L-Theanine that gently takes the edge off the caffeine in a cup of green tea, giving us a boost of calm energy without the jolt coffee delivers. It’s an ideal choice to keep loved ones alert and in the moment throughout the entire day’s itinerary.

If your crew over-celebrates during pre-wedding activities such as bachelor or bachelorette parties or rehearsal dinners, small care packages can provide a pick-me-up the following morning. To refresh wedding party members the next day, stock their hotel rooms with a few items to ease them into the morning like bottled water, aspirin, tea and a small snack. Whether you choose a strong English breakfast tea to help them wake up or a gentle ginger blend to settle upset stomachs after too many cocktails, it’s a sweet way to say you care.

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In the months leading up to a wedding, a bridal shower may be seen as too traditional for some and something to look forward to for others. As more changes over time, new traditions are formed, focusing less on gender and more on friendship in general -- a sentiment that harks back to the first modern bridal shower ever held.

Believed to have taken place in Holland in the 1920s, the shower was held in honor of a woman who had fallen in love with someone of little means, defying her parents’ expectation that she marry a wealthy suitor they’d chosen for her. To support her decision, the woman’s friends pooled their resources and gathered together, bringing the couple an array of simple, practical gifts to help them furnish their household.

Today, bridal and couple’s showers are a thoughtful way to show love and support for two people in love who are embarking on life’s journey together. A tea-themed bridal shower or couple’s shower is a perfect way to bring loved ones together for a few hours of celebratory refreshments, elevating a simple gathering into a special occasion.

And recently, virtual showers are the latest trend to bring people together. The "guests" send gifts to the new couple in advance and join together online to watch and celebrate as they open their gifts.

To incorporate tea into your wedding and the special events leading up to it, explore Tea Forte’s elegant array of gift sets, sampler chests for day-of refreshments, and event boxes perfect for serving all your guests.

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