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Tea Notes

Discover the world of tea, from the history of its cultural significance to the science of its benefits and the art of its preparation.

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Tea Notes

Discover the world of tea, from the history of its cultural significance to the science of its benefits and the art of its preparation.

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Serving tea with elegant tea cups
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Serving tea with elegant tea cups

3 Min Read | September 18, 2018

For thousands of years, tea has offered human beings an invitation to connect with one another. Beginning with traditional tea ceremonies across China and Japan, extending into high tea traditions in England, and culminating in personal daily rituals from breakfast teas to bedtime tisanes for tea lovers everywhere, tea means something to every culture. It’s amazing to consider how something as simple as a warm, cupped drink has the power to invoke a conversation, offer comfort, or begin a new day.

When tea is a shared experience, we can heighten its presentation through the cups in which we serve it. From presentational teaware meant to impress a crowd to insulated cups perfect for steeping loose tea over one-on-one conversation, each teacup Tea Forte offers has its own unique purpose. Read on to discover the elegant tea cups best suited for your next tea gathering.

Solstice Teacups 400X430
Solstice Cup and Saucer

Perfect teacups for company

Tea and conversation is a pairing almost as old as time. Whether it’s a cup offered to a friend along with a sympathetic ear or a celebratory steep served to a room filled with guests, the art of tea is complemented by elegant teaware. To that end, we offer a quartet of presentational teacups perfect for entertaining.

The Cafe Cup is a Tea Forte classic, featuring a porcelain lid through which the delicate paper Tea Forte leaf can peek out, providing the perfect conversation starter. This chic cup is available individually or in a set of six.

Also available in a set of six, the Solstice teacup offers another classic take on the white porcelain teacup, complemented by a matching square saucer. As an extension of this series, Solstice teapots come in sets of six as well.

The Serax Uno-Due-Tre teacup and saucer set introduces smart angles with a subtle modern touch, designed by the acclaimed Flemish designer Pieter Stockmans. This series also includes a teapot, creamer pitcher, and sugar bowl.

The Polka teacup and saucer set features four hand-painted porcelain cups and saucers.

For an understated touch of mid-century modern glamour, the Polka teacup and saucer set features four hand-painted porcelain cups and saucers. Each pair comes with its own elegant metallic lustre with platinum-adorned rims and handles.

For tea-for-two moments when just a couple of cozy, self-contained cups are all you need, the KATI Steeping Cup and Infuser features innovative double-wall construction to keep it hot on the inside and cool on the outside. The integrated infuser makes it simple to steep loose leaf tea and adds an inventive touch to an impressive piece of share-worthy teaware.

Available in an array of 20 unique colors and patterns, the KATI cup is fun to mix-and-match or purchase in a matching set to complement a room’s decor.

Kati Cup Hanami In Line 400X430
KATI® steeping cup & infuser Hanami
Fellow Jowy Black Mug Inline 400X430
Fellow Joy tea mug black

The Fellow Joey Tea Mug is designed with a sleek copper bottom complementing its smooth, stoneware-inspired ceramic walls. This modern minimalist cup comes without a handle and suits a clean, natural aesthetic.Bold modern teacups

Unexpected materials like iron and glass abound in Tea Forte’s teaware offerings, lending edgy visual appeal to any tea gathering. The Zakuro Iron Teacup, made in Japan by renowned teaware maker Iwachu, is an ideal cup perfect for a simple, elegant tea ceremony. It’s available in blue, red or teal for an added pop of color.

Zakuro Tea Cup And Set Inline 1624X844

Zakuro Tea Cup and Teapot

The Yunomi Tea Cup, which comes in a set of two, is made of sleek concentric glass circles -- a work of art in itself. Made by Hario Japan, the borosilicate cups are both heatproof and unique.

The beautiful POOM Cup is made of hand-blown glass, keeping it cool to the touch. Its crisp, clean lines and double-wall construction are ideal for displaying Tea Forte’s signature pyramid infuser.

Yunomi Tea Cups 400X430
​The Yunomi Tea Cup set of two

To perform your own Japanese matcha ceremony, Tea Forte offers a personal set complete with traditional handmade bamboo whisk (“chasen”), tea bowl (“chawan”), and ladle (“chashaku”). We suggest pairing it with one a matcha blend from our Matcha Single Steeps® Sampler, or choose your favorite from our 5 Matcha Loose Tea Tins.

Serving tea in style

No matter how many guests you’re serving or which blend you’re steeping, an elegant presentation adds to the experience of sharing tea with others. From cups and saucers to tea trays and table tiles, take some time to discover the teaware and accessories best suited for you, bringing even more joy to your next tea experience.

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