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What Is English Breakfast Tea

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The Taste

The beverage's flavor is stronger and more robust than the taste of green tea, and many reviewers have indicated that the rich flavor helps them to become alert in the morning. Depending on the drink's origin, the taste may be slightly sweet, bitter or malty. An excellent English Breakfast is hearty enough to stand up to milk and sugar, traditional accompaniments to this blend.

The Aroma

According to countless testimonials, English Breakfast tea's aroma is similar to that of freshly cut plants or vegetables, and the more fermented the leaves are, the stronger the aroma will be. When the tea is burned, the pleasant smell generally remains in a room for one hour to two hours.

Vitamins and Nutrients

Black tea contains a substantial amount of potassium, which is an electrolyte that might increase energy and improve hydration. Some studies have also shown that potassium may reduce blood pressure.

The beverage has a moderate level of manganese, and this necessary nutrient is known to improve the density of the bones. When it is combined with vitamin E, the natural substance might regulate the body's metabolism, and it could modulate a person's blood sugar.


A single cup of black tea commonly has 35 milligrams to 50 milligrams of caffeine. The levels of caffeine can be affected by the age of the tea, the amount of rainfall in the plant's environment and the level of sunlight that it receives. Moreover, the water temperature and length of steeping time can increase the amount caffeine in the cup.

Amino Acids

English Breakfast tea has a significant concentration of theanine, and this amino acid may help a person to relax and could improve well-being. Numerous studies have also shown that theanine might enhance the effects of caffeine.


Black tea is loaded with catechins, which are anti-inflammatory alkaloids that could reduce oxidation in the body. According to one study, these polyphenols may boost energy, and the compounds have the ability to notably enhance an individual's metabolism. In general, one cup of black tea has 20 milligrams to 28 milligrams of catechins.

Preparing the Tea

When steeping English Breakfast tea, the temperature of the water should be between 205 degrees and 210 degrees Fahrenheit. The tea can be steeped for three minutes to five minutes, and subsequently, you may add milk, lemons or sugar to the beverage.

Making a Purchase

To find out more information about English Breakfast tea, you can visit or call 800-721-1149. Founded in 2003, the Tea Forté offers a variety of black teas and countless accessories. For customers who place orders with a minimum price of $50, the company offers free delivery to addresses in the contiguous United States.

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