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What is Earl Grey Tea?

History of Earl Grey Tea

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The History and Characteristics That Set This Blend Apart

The much-loved flavor of Earl Grey tea has earned it the honor of being the second most popular tea in the world. Full and rich with a light citrus aroma, it’s interesting history and unique characteristics set this scented tea apart.

History of Earl Grey

The story goes that the blend now enjoyed as Earl Grey was originally made for the second Earl Grey of Howick Hall in Northumberland, UK. Then serving as Prime Minister, this particular Earl Grey is known for penning the Reform Bill of 1832 which focused on electoral reform.

Many stories exist to explain why the second Earl Grey had a tea made specifically for him. Jacksons of Piccadilly claims to be the originator of the formula, though other sources say that the citrus infusion was used to counteract the lime in the water around the Howick Hall area. Whatever the case, ads for the tea first appeared in the 1880s from Charlton & Co., and it has been enjoyed by people in many countries ever since.

Earl Grey Characteristics

When steeped, Earl Grey tea has a pleasing bright color somewhere between red and amber. The citrus scent and flavor comes from the bergamot orange. The oil from the fruit or the flowers of the plant may be used to infuse this special taste.

As a moderately caffeinated black tea, Earl Grey makes a nice breakfast drink, though it can be enjoyed with just about any meal. It shares the astringent flavor characteristic of other black teas but has an almost floral fragrance thanks to the bergamot. Variations known as Lady Grey may include flavors from Seville oranges or an infusion of lavender flowers. Russian Earl Grey blends contain citrus peel, and there are even bergamot-scented green teas appropriately dubbed Earl Green.

Enjoying Earl Grey Tea

The most obvious and popular way to enjoy Earl Grey is in a cup or pot of tea. The astringent qualities of the flavor offset fatty and heavy foods quite well, making it a good choice to accompany desserts and other treats. Milk isn't generally added to this type of tea, but some people like it with a touch of lemon and honey to round out the flavor.

Earl Grey tea is also used to infuse baked goods and candies with the special taste of black tea and bergamot. The tea is steeped as if for drinking and then used in recipes to create a unique finished product. Muffins, cookies, cakes, pastries and even chocolates are all delicious when blended with Earl Grey.

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