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The Top Benefits of Black Currant Tea

Enjoy all the health benefits that black currant has to offer with tea blends from Tea Forté.

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Dedicated tea drinkers know that there are few beverages that offer the relaxing and rejuvenating effect of a fine cup of tea. What tea drinkers may not understand is how many nutritional health benefits * are associated with a simple cup of currant tea.

According to herbal experts and nutritionists, the top benefits of black currant tea are believed to be:

  • Helps boosts immune system
  • Soothes mouth and throat
  • Alleviates arthritis pain
  • Can soothe inflammation
  • Treats infection

Big nutrition in a tiny package

A black currant is a very small fruit that packs a big nutritional punch. Each dried currant in Tea Forté black currant tea contains a dose of antioxidants that are believed to rid the body of cancer-causing free radicals. A cup of tea made with black currants delivers a generous serving of vitamin C that may stave off colds and infections. Black currant also provides a serving of blood-building iron as well as plenty of eye-protective vitamin A. Consider all those things plus the fact that a cup of fruit-scented Tea Forté tea is soothing, fragrant and delicious, and you truly have a winning combination.

A cup of calm in a busy world

Anyone who finds coffee a tad too stimulating would do well to replace one or more of their morning cups with a flowery and fragrant mug of Tea Forté currant tea. It does contain a moderate amount of caffeine, but currant tea has far less caffeine than the same size cup of coffee. The dark berry undertones of our currant tea create a gentle eye-opener to ease you into your busy day.

Can black currants help fight disease?

Tea Forté is a vendor of high-quality tea and tea accessories and we cannot offer medical advice. There is, however, a great deal of research being done on the properties contained in black currants and teas made with them. Another property of currants is something called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) that may boost the effectiveness of the human immune system. Antioxidants, along with the anthocyanin and tannin found in tea, are known to destroy the type certain bacteria. In fact, currant tea has been used by many generations of women to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

Preparing Tea Forté Black Currant tea

Our tea is lovingly crafted in small batches with natural ingredients like blackberry leaf, black tea leaves and hand-picked currants. The optimum water temperature for brewing currant tea is 208°F or just below the boiling point. Steep our signature pyramid infuser or one teaspoon of loose leaves in eight ounces of almost-boiling water for three to five minutes before sweetening with honey or enjoying as-is.

Black Currant is but one of the fine flavors you will find at Tea Forté. Each of our teas is made with the best ingredients and comes in an attractive presentation box.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Black Currant Tea
Lush and fruity with soothingly sweet floral notes.