Organic Tea and Sustainable Tea Farming Part of Huge Global Trend

Premium organic teas include black teas, organic green teas, white and oolong teas. Tea Forte has 40 organic tea blends with flavors like cherry, orange, mango and cinnamon, as well as more traditional teas like Darjeeling, chamomile and Earl Grey.

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The Popularity of Teas Grown Organically has Never Been Higher.

Tea Forte Offers Over 40 Delicious Premium Organic Blends

Organic teas have become very popular with tea tasting parties, custom blends, tea infusions, tea cocktails and sophisticated drinking where people use all their senses to savor the subtle aromas, herbal overtones and flavor balance of the five taste sensations: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Upscale companies like Tea Forté offer premium versions of the traditional green, black, oolong, white, herbal, decaffeinated and Kosher-certified teas, and also produces tea collections that include exotic spices, herbs and fruit pairings that raise tea service to an art that increasingly sophisticated consumers use for upscale entertaining.

A significant increase in organic tea consumption has fueled by interest in supporting a healthy environment and lifestyle. – and premium retail stores reflect this change with greatly increased varieties and flavors. Whether drinking green tea for health benefits, enjoying a refreshing cup at home or choosing one of the spicy chai blends of organic tea for an afternoon high tea, both the beverage and its organic niche are enjoying unprecedented popularity.

Organic Tea and the Certification Process

The certification process for organically grown tea varies by region, but consumers can choose teas with trusted certifications like USDA. Japan, Canada and the European Union have their own organic standards, and in the US, the USDA requires that tea growers use many specific farming practices.

Organic tea farmers need to manage crops with organic plant and animal materials that don't contaminate the soil. They must study and apply sustainable tea farming practices for what's allowed and what's prohibited. They must also produce records that document seed sources, pest control measures, harvesting methods and storage strategies. For up to three years before certification, they need to prove that new farmland hasn't been exposed to chemicals. In addition, famers must also submit to annual and surprise inspections - so the overall quality requirements are considerable.

Why People Choose Organic Tea

Certified-organic status confers certain guarantees about the tea that you buy. Conventional high-tech farms use all kinds of chemicals and pesticides, and sometimes the tea leaves aren't washed before being air-dried. Some chemical residue can remain on commercial teas even though providers try to remove most traces. Benefits of drinking organic tea include:

  • Eliminating chemical contaminants from food
  • Reducing chemical damage to air, water, and soil
  • Avoiding GMOs, as USDA organic status prohibits use of GMOs
  • Potentially lowering the risks of cancer by reducing exposure to chemicals

Historically, tea has been cultivated in China since 2,000 B.C., and for most of this time, farmers have used sustainable, organic farming methods, and environmentally responsible consumers and some companies today support returning to sustainable tea farming.

Distinctive Organic Tea Collections

The four main types of organic teas include black, green, oolong and white teas, but tea mixes beautifully with herbs, spices and fruits to create complex flavor profiles. Tea drinkers can create their own blends, or order our ready-made collections. Some of the most popular blends include:

Refusing to use environmental chemicals, environmentally responsible companies are creating wonderfully complex organic tea blends. They provide custom blends to delight consumer palates and complement organic teas with custom menus for tasting events, signature lines of teaware and advanced infusers that extract the delicate flavors and subtle overtones of complex organic blends.

There are over 40 types of USDA certified, premium organic teas available at Tea Forté. It’s fast and easy to order and shipping is free for orders over $50.

Blood Orange Tea
The distinct, sweet taste of Moro "deep blood orange".
Black Cherry
Orchid vanilla bean, licorice root and juicy ripe cherries.
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