Jasmine Tea vs. Black Tea

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Grown at an especially high elevation, jasmine tea is made by using blossoms and green tea. The drink has a relatively delicate taste, but its scent is especially potent. Black tea commonly features a much stronger flavor than other drinks, and in addition, it remains fresh for a longer period of time.

The History of the Teas

As one of the most famous drinks in China, jasmine tea is given to guests to welcome them. The beverage has been consumed in China since the fifth century, yet the drink did not become popular in Europe and in North America until the 17th century.

Some researchers believe that black tea was first created 2,700 years ago. The Chinese developed unique strategies for oxidizing the leaves. As a result, black tea could withstand cold weather while it was being transported, and it was traded more commonly than any other type of drink.

The Scents

According to one study, brewing a cup of jasmine tea in a small room was able to improve the well-being of the inhabitants and to substantially reduce each participant's heart rate. Occasionally, black tea smells like fresh leaves, its scent is similar to the aroma of flowers during the summer.

Each Tea's Flavor

Certain types of black tea have a spicy, sweet taste, and sometimes, the drink features a bitter flavor that is still somewhat peppery. In contrast, jasmine tea's taste is moderately sweet.


One cup of jasmine tea has approximately 10 milligrams to 25 milligrams of caffeine which is on the moderate side. Conversely, a regular serving of black tea has 45 milligrams to 125 milligrams of the compound. Generally, drinks that were created by using leaves that have grown during the rainy season will contain a higher level of caffeine.

How Long the Flavors Last

Under optimal conditions, most black teas can last for 10 years before they begin to lose their flavor. Some types of the beverage are purposely aged for as long as 35 years. Jasmine tea usually retains its flavor and its scent for approximately two years.

Antioxidants and Other Alkaloids

Black tea contains a high level of tannins, which are polyphenols that can reduce inflammation. These natural compounds are also potent antioxidants, and they can keep the skin supple and smooth. Some studies have also shown that tannins are able to notably increase muscle mass.

Jasmine tea has flavonoids that are can decrease the amount of cholesterol in the body, and the substances are able to burn fat. Furthermore, the drink provides a large amount of catechins. These compounds may protect the blood vessels and are able to strengthen the immune system.

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