I Couldn't Believe How Great These Gifts For Tea Lovers Were

The perfect cup of Sencha tea begins with a proper teapot Secret Techniques for Brewing Sencha Tea

We have dozens of items for Tea Lovers including: Holiday Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Rejuvenation Gift Set, Event Box, Tea Chest, and KATI Steeping Cup and Infuser.
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Make Someone's Day With Tea Forte's Selection of Tea Gifts

There must be a secret trick to brewing Sencha tea. You know because your last infusion flopped. Since expectations were pretty high, what could have gone so wrong?

People who love tea appreciate gifts that enhance the tea-drinking experience. At Tea Forte, you don't have to look far to find something for everyone on your list. Whether it's a birthday, holiday or other special occasion, these gifts for tea lovers will brighten up the day.

Café Cup

Ceramic cups are beautiful gifts for tea lovers. The Café Cup is an elegant porcelain white teacup, custom designed to showcase the signature Tea Forte leas through a hole it its lid. The cover keeps the tea hot while steeping and easily converts to a saucer when your are done steeping. Transforms a cup of tea into a relaxing experience.

Ribbon Box

For those who enjoy bagged teas, Tea Forté offers the elegant ribbon box. This eye-catching boxes with a satin ribbon hold 20 handcrafted silken pyramid tea infusers. Purchase a single flavor or select a collection to give the tea lovers on your gift list a unique sampling of premium teas.

Tea Duet Gift Set

The only thing better than a cup of tea, is sharing a cup of tea with someone. The Tea Forte Duet Gift set provides everything you need for tea for two. A generous assortment of twenty silken pyramid infusers and two custom designed Café cups with coordinating tea trays create a special moment for two.

Luci Loose Tea Infuser

Loose tea gets a unique "home" in the Luci Loose Tea Infuser. Many infusers are simple ball shapes or mesh baskets that sit in cups and pots, but the Luci takes tea brewing to a new level with its colorful gloss glazed ceramic top, a cylindrical stainless steel base, and matching ceramic tray.

Rare Tea Ultimate Gift Set

Packed in a mysterious black box, the Rare Tea Ultimate Gift Set is anything but ordinary. This collection is meant for tea lovers who want to experience rare teas from around the world. Including a cast-iron teapot, two sipping cups, an infuser and 68 pouches of unique tea, this set is truly the ultimate gift.

Capresso Glass Water Kettle

What better way to heat water than with a kettle that has its own warming unit? Made using heat-resistant glass and fitted with a no-slip handle, the Capresso Glass Water Kettle holds one and one-half quarts of water to make a generous serving of any kind of tea. The base conceals a heating element that shuts off automatically to ensure safety.

These are just a few of the gifts that you'll find among the unique selection at Tea Forte. Shop specialty items or browse their 40 blends of premium organic teas to discover even more unique items for lovers of tea.

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