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How to Pair the Perfect Breakfast Tea

Black tea blends are the world’s most common morning teas. Tea Forté has traditional English breakfast, in both regular and decaf varieties, as well as several spicy chai tea blends that perfectly complement any breakfast.

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Wake Up and Smell the Tea Leaves: No matter what’s on the menu, pairing tea with breakfast is simple and delicious

Boasting a reputation of being more refined than coffee, tea is a traditional drink in the British Isles and is growing in popularity across the world. Tea is versatile, works with a variety of flavors and is perfect for any time of day. Tea is especially welcome as a breakfast accompaniment, and no matter what’s on the menu, you’ll find a tea blend that perfectly complements any breakfast.

The Three Types of British Breakfast Tea

Morning teas are traditionally made from black tea varieties, both due to history and the fact that black tea contains a higher caffeine content than green or oolong tea. Often crafted from a blend of Ceylon and other types of black tea, there is no standard blend for breakfast tea. Different companies create their own distinct tea blends, and tea aficionados often have their own personal favorites. Breakfast tea is typically served with milk and a touch of sweetener.

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast is one of the most popular tea blends in the world, and it’s often a blend of Indian Assam, Chinese Keemun and Sri Lankan Ceylon teas. History traces English Breakfast’s roots to the mid-1800s, and it may have actually originated in Scotland.

Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish Breakfast tea is often a blend of highland-grown Ceylon and Assam teas. The Irish typically add milk to their tea, a practice that complements the robust taste in a black tea blend.

Scottish Breakfast Tea

Considered the strongest blend of morning tea, Scottish breakfast is also referred to as Highland. Assam tea is a common component in the blend, and Scottish breakfast tea is traditionally steeped using loose leaf teas for a stronger, more pungent drink.

Breakfast Styles and Complementary Teas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with its smooth flavor, versatility and low caffeine content compared to coffee, a delicious tea is an ideal accompaniment to any breakfast menu. Those who prefer a caffeine-free tea option in the morning, will appreciate that a naturally decaffeinated black tea is just as flavorful as its full-strength counterpart.

A Traditional Breakfast in Great Britain

Much like the tea that accompanies it, breakfast in England is robust and hearty. A favorite morning meal in London’s East End is toasted bread served with melted cheese, and then covered with a solid helping of baked beans. Accompanied by a side of thick sausage, this traditional English breakfast needs a strong yet sweet beverage that won’t overpower the flavors of the dish.

American-Style Breakfast on the Go

In India and among the Hindu faith, the morning meal is often communal, vegetarian and paired with plenty of chai. The thick, sweet spiced tea has traveled across the world and now provides a delicious complement to a mobile American breakfast, such as a donut, pastry, muffin or other sweet breakfast food.

Chai is also perfect for coffee lovers who want to make the switch to a less caffeinated drink. For the ultimate in indulgent breakfast drinks, a flavored chai, like kosher-certified Bombay Chai from Tea Forté, is a wonderful warm-up on a cold day. Chai tea is also delicious when served chilled and over ice.

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