How to Find the Best Tea Pots

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Choosing the Best Tea Pots for Your Favorite Brews

From Ceramic to Glass, Each Pot Has its Own Personality

Pots for tea come in many different styles, but appearance isn't the only thing that matters when choosing which one to use for your favorite blends. Consider these factors when shopping Tea Forté's collection of unique tea pots to find just the right match for your tea drinking style.


If you're the type who only has one or two cups of tea at a time, a small pot is for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy sharing tea with your friends, you'll want something much larger that can hold enough tea for a crowd. Larger tea pots are also preferable if you prefer to drink tea throughout the day. You can keep a pot ready and simply pour a cup whenever you want it.


What a tea pot is made of influences heat distribution, flavor and longevity. Ceramic is a popular material enjoyed for its affordability and diversity of design. These pots combine decoration with function and are a good choice for casual tea drinkers.

Glass pots allow you to watch the tea as it steeps and the leaves unfurl, making them ideal for brewing teas. However, these pots don't hold heat as well as others and are prone to breakage and staining.

Cast iron is a rugged and attractive material for tea pots that provides the most consistent, longest-lasting heat and therefore the most flavorful cup of tea. However, be sure to choose a model with an enamel coating inside to ensure that your tea doesn't develop a metallic taste.

Steeping Options

Many pots come with a built-in infuser that allows tea leaves room to expand inside the pot. Check to see if the tea pot you want has one of these or if you need to purchase one separately. Special tea brewing systems such as the Forté Tea Press feature a plunger that pushes the leaves down instead, producing a full-bodied brew.

Style and Design

A solid tea pot should have a handle that allows you to get a good grip without burning your hand on the body of the pot. The spout must be at least level with the rim of the top opening to avoid dribbling when you pour. Check for a tight-fitting lid with a hole to let air out and prevent spilling.

Aside from these functional aspects, the style you choose for your tea pot is entirely up to you. From the cute ceramic PUGG pot to the Japanese-inspired Dragonfly cast iron set, Tea Forté has something for everyone.

With the right tea pot from Tea Forté's collection, you can enjoy premium quality teas for many years to come. Brew up your favorites for yourself, your family or your guests and delight in the relaxing experience that a fresh cup of tea offers.

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