How to Choose the Right Glass Teapot

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Why They Are So Popular with Tea Lovers?

Teapot Selection

Drinking tea is about more than the warm feeling the beverage sends through your body. The type of teapot you use to steep your tea in is an important decision. Options include cast iron, ceramic and clay, and glass. Glass pots offer several advantages to pots made from other materials.

Advantages of Glass Teapots

Glass pots are a contemporary steeping container, and offer a visually soothing experience as they allow you to revel in teas natural beauty. A glass pot will let you show your guests that your brewing container is clean. In addition, they can witness the steeping process, which will help them decide when the tea is ideal for their drinking preferences.

A major benefit of using glass to steep your tea in is that it will not transfer flavors from past teas you have used. Glass pots are available in a number of different styles.

Glass Teapot Disadvantages

One disadvantage to using glass pots is that if in all likelihood, they will break if dropped, so be sure to handle yours carefully. Additionally, glass containers cool down more quickly than teapots made from other materials. Double-wall glass teapots were designed to address that challenge, and work almost like a thermos keeping the tea hot. Alternatively you may keep your tea warm by investing in a tea light.

Types of Glass Teapots

Glass teapots are available in hand blown styles and contemporary designs. They are manufactured out of materials like borosilicate glass, which is resistant to high temperatures. You can purchase glass pots that are able to hold 12 ounces, 34 ounces or 42 ounces of liquid. Common features of these types of teapots consist of removable filters and elevated stands. Often, glass pots are dishwasher and microwavable safe.

To prevent cracking, avoid setting your glass pot down in cold water when it is hot. Also, if it becomes stained, you can clean it with vinegar.

Final Thoughts

A glass teapot may increase your interest in savoring a cup of tea because the container option will allow you to observe the tea leaves unfurling as they release their nuanced flavors in the water, and transforming the clear hot water into the warm, jewel-hued shades of the tea leaves or herbs in the pot. Over time, you’ll become an expert at determining the exact moment that a tea is ready to drink.

Glass teapots are sophisticated and practical. The tea-making container will enhance your table décor and look nice in your china cabinet. With the right glass pot, you can make the perfect tea blends for you and your guests.

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