How to Choose the Best Tea Gift for That Special Person

Visit Tea Forte to find just the right tea gift for any special occasion.
					Tea Gifts Are Heartwarming Choices For Any Occasion

Our Tea Gifts for Women include: Earl Grey Black Tea, and Earl Grey Event Box, and Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea Canister, and Earl Grey Ribbon Box
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Give the Gift of Tea to that Special Person in Your Life

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give to your spouse, mother, father or best friend? Consider tea gifts from Tea Forté. With a variety of delicious teas and beautiful accessories in stock, it's easy to find a present for any occasion.

Gifts for Wives and Mothers

There is no gift more precious than a moment to one’s self. Tea Forté makes it easy to give that gift to the special lady in your life with their Rejuvenation Gift Set, created with an individual tea drinker in mind. The gift set can transform an afternoon cup of tea into a rejuvenating ritual of quiet contemplation. The gift set includes Tea Forté’s custom designed white porcelain Café Cup, a petite Ribbon Box sampler of ten different teas, and a tea tray for resting the elegant signature pyramid infuser after steeping. And if the women in your life is more gregarious, consider the Duet Gift Set which offers two Café Cup presentation and a larger box of tea to create a memorable moment for two.

Gifts for Dads and Husbands

Real men aren't afraid to enjoy a robust cup of tea. Show your favorite guy that you understand his special tastes by giving him the Rare Imperial Tea Gift Set. Packaged in a sleek black gift chest with a red label and liner, this collection includes a tall cast iron teapot and two cups perfect for steeping and sipping the included Rare Imperial Teas. Golden Monkey, Gyokuro, Keemun, Long Jing, Tie Guan Yin and White Darjeeling all make an appearance in this collection of a dozen pre-portioned tea pouches individually freshness sealed for unmatched quality.

Gifts for the Holidays

What better way to wish someone a warm holiday than with tea gifts that reflect the joyous spirit of the season? Tea Forte's Warming Joy Gift Set includes everything the recipient needs to celebrate those special times of year. Complete with an eight-ounce cup and an elegant glass tea tray, this set comes packed in an attractive wooden box with a silver and blue band. Also included is a petite ribbon box filled with the Warming Joy tea collection. Two infusers each of Apple Spice, Rum Raisin Biscotti, Sweet Ginger Plum, Sweet Orange Spice and Winter Chai provide a delicious array of seasonal flavors that anyone will love.

Gifts for Any Tea Lover

When you're not quite sure which tea gift to get, grab a gift certificate. This allows the recipient to buy exactly what he or she wants from the Tea Forté site. Send some certificates through email to far-away friends and relatives or print one out to deliver in person to that special someone. Gift certificates also make great last-minute gifts for those times when special days sneak up on you and you need the perfect gift right away.

A tea gift is a heartwarming way to make anyone in your life feel special. Shop the gift collections at Tea Forté to find boxed tea sets, tea pots, loose tea collections and more to give at every occasion.

Ribbon Box
20 pyramid infusers
Gourmet Pyramid Box
6 pyramid infusers