How to Choose an Exceptional Tea Sampler

Premium tea samplers include the Sampler Ribbon Box, Sampler Medium Tin and Sampler Large Tin. Whether they're given as gifts or used at gatherings, these samplers are definite crowd-pleasers!

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The first step in buying an exceptional tea sampler is finding the right retailer, and you're in good hands with Tea Forté. We offer an assortment of tea samplers covering an array of sizes, prices and varieties. Of course, narrowing things down from there may be a little confusing, so keep the following points in mind to zero in on the perfect sampler!


Why are you in the market for a tea variety sampler? If you're looking to please the tea lover in your life, our Tea Chest is an excellent choice offering the most expansive selection of Tea Forte blends. With forty silken pyramid tea infusers, two of each of twenty blends any tea aficionado is sure to be thrilled. A menu is included in the lid of the gift chest to guide the tea lover through the assortment.


A sampler is ideal as a gift, providing the recipient with a broad selection to choose from. Part of the pleasure of gift giving is the presentation. All of Tea Forte’s sampler are as stylish as can be. Some are packaged in convenient, reusable tins. Others are presented in attractive, keepsake boxes. As with all Tea Forté products, these samplers are tastefully designed, so your recipient will feel quite honored. The samplers are attractive enough to be kept out on the counter or elsewhere on display.


How many tea infusers would you like? Each sampler has a different number, so you can easily find one that suits your needs. The Sampler Medium Tin has six delectable varieties while the Sampler Ribbon Box is bursting with 20 of them. The ideal number for you will largely depend on w the occasion .


Finally, pay attention to the tea varieties that are offered in each sampler. Each offers a mix of black, white, green and herbal teas, but different varieties may be included in different samplers. If you're familiar with Tea Forté teas, you may want to choose one that includes African Solstice, White Ambrosia or another favorite. On the other hand, you may just want to be surprised, or you may want to surprise the person you're giving the sampler to as a gift. In any case, each tea sampler description includes a list of the teas that are included, so you can be sure about what you're buying before placing your order.

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Whether they're given as gifts or ordered for personal enjoyment, Tea Forté samplers are sure to brighten up any day. Tea Forte offers a variety of tea ware to complement the tea samplers and complete the exceptional Tea Forte experience.


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