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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of English Breakfast Tea

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Making the Most of Your English Breakfast Tea

There's simply no doubt that English Breakfast Tea is one of the most popular teas in the world. This robust black tea offers the perfect amount of flavor and caffeine to perk up any tea enthusiast's morning.

Before you can brew the perfect cup of an English Breakfast blend, you'll need to decide if you prefer to purchase loose-leaf tea or tea in sachets. Loose-leaf teas are ideal for those individuals who prefer to use special teaware and accessories to make a morning beverage and for those who want to make tea for a large party.

Tea sachets are perfect for those who want to enjoy tea while traveling or at work. To brew this type of tea, simply place the sachet in a cup, pour hot water over it and steep for the desired amount of time. The tea sachet can be thrown away once steeping is finished.

Pairing Tea with Breakfast Foods for a Calming Morning Meal

Since breakfast is the first meal you enjoy upon waking, it should be a relaxing experience that helps you transition into the rest of the day. The right breakfast tea lets you ease into the morning with its calming effects and rich flavor.

How Long Should You Brew a Breakfast Blend?

In addition to affecting the flavor of your English Breakfast Tea, steeping times will also affect the amount of caffeine in each cup of tea. If you steep tea for one minute, expect a caffeine level of about 14 milligrams (mg) per cup. If you steep tea for three minutes, you can expect a caffeine level of about 22 mg per cup. Leaving your tea to steep for five minutes will result in a caffeine level of about 42 mg per cup.

Tea Accessories Provide for a Perfect Brew

Tea accessories are the perfect choice for tea drinkers who want to enjoy a daily cup of English Breakfast Tea. The Luci Loose-Leaf Tea Infuser is ideal for those who enjoy blending a single cup of tea at a time. This lovely infuser can be filled with loose-leaf tea and placed in a cup with hot water. Simply steep the tea for the desired amount of time and then remove the infuser. For the best results, place the infuser in its included base after brewing to catch tea drips.

The Kati Tea Brewing System is also ideal for those tea enthusiasts who enjoy brewing their tea one cup at a time. The Kati system features a lovely ceramic mug with a fitted tea infuser that sits on the surface of the cup. Simply place the desired amount of tea in the infuser, pour warm water over it and allow to steep for the desired amount of time. For the best results, empty tea leaves from the infuser as soon as you're done brewing your cup of tea.

If you prefer to brew a pot of tea, choose a floating tea infuser. These unique, bobbing infusers can be filled with as much loose-leaf tea as is needed to brew a pot of the desired strength. Once steeping is finished, simply remove the infuser and empty out the loose tea. All infusers should be washed in warm water with mild soap.

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