Tea Gifting

gifts that leave them talking

Too often, selecting a gift is a chore rather than a pleasure. It is a true art to find the ideal gift -one that defines individuality, suits the recipient, and expresses your relationship. Tea Forté makes it easy with an array of beautiful gifts at a variety of price points that are perfect for any occasion.

Birthdays, weddings and holidays are perhaps the most common, yet challenging of all gift-giving occasions. It's truly a pleasure to receive a gift that is both luxurious and distinctive, but useful as well! Tea Forté's gift sets offer more than just tea and accessories. They provide the recipient with everything needed to create a daily ritual of calm and relaxation. What could be more welcome than that!

Show that you really care, by offering a unique gift that is both good for you and far from ordinary.

The Gift of Friendship
 Tea is an incredibly social beverage. Studies have shown that holding a warm beverage improves your outlook towards those around you. So go ahead an invite a friend in for a special cup of Tea Forté and enjoy the gift of conversation, friendship and a more positive outlook!
Celebrate the little things

Surprise people with an unexpected, thoughtful gift. Our Medium Gift Tins make it easy to celebrate the little things in life - friendship, a kind word, a pat on the back. Small gestures can have a big impact on a relationship, and can show that you both recognize and respect the importance of small events of everyday.

Oprah says it best

"If you're a tea lover, this is about as good as it gets. Whole leaves picked from the tea gardens of China are hand-packed in pyramid-shaped infusers that give buds lots of room to bloom into a spectacular cup of tea." - Oprah

Show your Appreciation

When someone goes the extra yard it is nice to acknowledge the effort. The hostess who has created a memorable evening will be delighted by an unexpected Presentation Box of tea. The teacher who is inundated with gifts at the end of a busy year will appreciate your thoughtful acknowledgment of her effort. The co-worker who has covered for you yet one more time will be happy to help out again.