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Five Snacks that Pair Well with Orange Pekoe Tea

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Snacks that Strike a Perfect Partnerships with Orange Pekoe Tea

Contrary to what its name may suggest, orange pekoe isn't named as such because of its color or flavor. Instead, the tea is graded as orange pekoe because of its high quality and large, flavorful leaves. It has been rumored that the tea was named after the Dutch House of Orange, which favored high-quality teas. This high-mountain grown black tea features citrusy notes and a sweet finish.

Thanks to its sweet notes, orange pekoe is perfect for both casual and formal events. Many snacks pair well with this tea, but five in particular stand out as perfect partners for Tea Forté's Orange Pekoe tea.

What Flavors Go Well with Orange Pekoe Tea?

Thanks to its light and delightful flavor, orange pekoe is the perfect partner for rich sweets. Its citrus notes can cut through thick flavors and act as a palette cleanser. Thanks to these citrus notes, orange pekoe can also strike a perfect partnerships with citrus-flavored treats. Do avoid serving orange pekoe with meats and salty dishes, as its sweet flavors may be overpowered by these savory dishes.

If you are planning on including orange pekoe as part of a tea gifting package, you may also want to include a few snacks that your gift recipients can enjoy with their tea. Good choices include chocolate biscuits, fair-trade dark chocolate bars and rich, decadent truffles.

Two Snacks to Enjoy with Your Every-Day Cup of Orange Pekoe

Like other varieties of black tea, orange pekoe is a favorite for the everyday tea drinker. This tea is perfect with breakfast and will serve well as an afternoon tea for guests. When choosing snacks to pair with your orange pekoe tea on a regular basis, opt for lighter selections.

A freshly baked lemon scone, for instance, creates a perfect pairing with this delicious tea. The rich, creamy finish of a frosted scone can be offset perfectly by orange pekoe. The tea will also pair beautifully with a dark orange and chocolate biscuit or cookie, be it homemade or purchased from your favorite bakery. This treat makes a perfect daily indulgence.

Three Snacks to Pair with Orange Pekoe at Special Events

With the right teaware and infusers, you can turn your everyday orange pekoe into the perfect tea choice for a special event or formal get together. When choosing treats for such events, decide whether the tea will be served as part of a full dessert or with light snacks.

When serving orange pekoe with light snacks, choose jellied orange sticks dipped in dark chocolate. The tea's citrus notes pair perfectly with the orange while offsetting the rich notes of dark chocolate. A variety of fresh, candied citrus fruits also pair well with this tea. If you'd like to serve orange pekoe with a full dessert, opt for a rich fudge cake. The decadent flavors of the cake will be perfectly balanced by the airy, citrusy tones of the tea.

Orange Pekoe
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