5 Must Have Tea Accessories

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Tea Accessories that Complement the Tea Collection at Tea Forté

Anyone who enjoys tea will appreciate key accessories that make the drinking experience better. There are a number of items that enhance the taste of a cup of tea. Here are a few must-have tea accessories for an avid drinker.


Infusers are containers used in the brewing process. They are available in small sizes for individual servings or larger sizes. They are excellent for people who use fresh leaves. These leaves are placed inside, and the water is then poured over the infuser.. As the tea steeps, a fresh taste is released without the hassle of floating leaves or difficult clean up. The Luci loose tea infuser is ideal for brewing a cup or small teapot. It is a favorite of a person who enjoys mixing personal blends. The added tray catches drips as well.

Tea Pots

Teapots are crafted from a wide variety of materials including ceramic, glass, and cast iron. Ceramic pots retain heat longer, so they work well for black tea. Glass is the choice of drinkers who enjoy green or herbal varieties. Since it is nonporous, it does not stain. Cast iron heats evenly, so it helps infuse the most tea flavor into the water. To prevent rusting, it is important to ensure that your cast iron pot is dry after use.

Gourmet Honey and Sugar

Besides the pure taste of tea, some drinkers appreciate the sweet addition of gourmet honey and sugar. Maine blueberry honey offers a sweet flavor with a hint of butter. Amber tea sugar is the purest form of sugar available. The resulting crystals provide a small amount of sweetness without interfering with the natural flavor of the beverage.


When serving tea, it is important to do so in an elegant manner. No matter if a person is drinking alone or with others, a tea tray provides a nice presentation. For a natural effect, a wood tray will work well. Pairing smaller infusers with ceramic trays is a nice finishing touch. Each tray can be used to catch drips after steeping as well.

Iced Tea Makers

When the summer months arrive, not everyone wants a hot beverage, but still may wish to enjoy the taste of tea. Tea Forte’s Tea Over Ice steep & chill pitcher set makes brewing authentic iced tea simple. Place the tea in the top pitcher, steep, and pour the hot tea over the ice in the bottom pitcher. Delicious iced tea is flash chilled moments before you drink it. Tea Forté offers a number of luxury teas and design-driven tea accessories. Complete your drinking experience with style. The ordering process is simple and shipping is free on orders over $50.

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