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English Breakfast Tea Caffeine

Black tea blends are the world’s most common morning teas. Tea Forté has traditional English breakfast, in both regular and decaf varieties, as well as several spicy chai tea blends that perfectly complement any breakfast.

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English Breakfast Tea is one of the most popular tea blends in the world. This gorgeous black tea boasts robust flavor and can add an essential pick me up to your morning. The energy-boosting effects of black tea are largely thanks to caffeine, a chemical that is found naturally in many popular beverages including black tea, coffee and green tea.

How Caffeinated is English Breakfast Tea?

Health-conscious tea drinkers may be concerned about just how caffeinated their favorite cup of tea might be, especially if they are concerned about restricting consumption of caffeine. Thankfully, it is easy to gauge how much wake-up power is present in each cup of tea. Simply remember that the standard English Breakfast Tea blend contains about 42 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per 8 ounce cup. Most medical professionals recommend that adults limit consumption to 400 mg per day, which equals roughly nine cups of black tea.

Controlling Caffeine Content in Tea

Many tea enthusiasts enjoy drinking this beloved beverage because it gives them a little energy boost. However, if you're concerned about how caffeinated your tea is, there are steps you can take to decrease overall caffeine levels. The shorter the steep time, the less caffeinated your tea will be when done brewing. You can maintain a level of about 14 mg by steeping your tea for only one minute.

If you steep your tea for three minutes, you'll see a level of about 22 mg. A five-minute steeping time results in a level of 42 mg. Leaving tea to steep for longer than five minutes can result in even higher levels.. Steeping for longer than five minutes is generally not recommended because a prolonger steeping time can lead to bitter-tasting tea. To eliminate caffeine altogether, choose a decaf breakfast tea blend or an herbal tea which is naturally caffeine-free.

If you're concerned about how caffeinated your tea is, consider choosing a green tea. Green teas tend to be less caffeinated than black teas due to optimal steep times and water temperatures. Leaving green tea to steep for longer than five minutes can lead to a cup of tea that is just as caffeinated as a standard breakfast blend and certainly undrinkable from the bitterness that results from over-steeping.

What Are the Health Benefits of Breakfast Tea?

Some tea enthusiasts prefer an herbal tea because many of these blends are naturally caffeinate-free. Herbal teas can offer excellent health benefits. Herbal teas also provide a nice break from your daily breakfast tea routine. Buying an organic tea can also be a great way to ensure that you're getting the best health benefits possible from your favorite beverage.

Thankfully, even caffeinated beverages such as English Breakfast Tea do offer a wealth of health benefits. That means you don't need to avoid your favorite breakfast blend in order to enjoy such benefits. In fact, a strong breakfast blend can help prevent the development of cavities and is believed to support overall dental health. .

Black tea blends are also reputed to promote cardiovascular health. Researchers have even discovered that black tea may help to prevent cancer or delay the development of cancer. Because they are calorie free, they can also be an excellent aid to those individuals who wish to lose weight. Of course, drinking an organic breakfast blend is the best way to enjoy all of these health benefits.

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English Breakfast Tea
A dark and rich superb Assam black tea.
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