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English Breakfast Tea Benefits

Black tea blends are the world’s most common morning teas. Tea Forté has traditional English breakfast, in both regular and decaf varieties, as well as several spicy chai tea blends that perfectly complement any breakfast.

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English Tea: A Traditional Beverage

Restorative and delicious, English Breakfast tea is an affordable and popular way to start the morning, although many enjoy it throughout the day. Over the years, the healthy qualities of English tea have been demonstrated through peer-reviewed scientific research. For those who partake, these benefits are physical as well as psychological.

How This Tea Slows Aging

Like other black teas, English breakfast tea (EBT) contains natural antioxidants called flavonoids. According to one well-respected theory of aging, antioxidants slow aging by the reduction of free radicals in the human body. Drinkers who want to experience the full effects of antioxidants should consider using high-fat milk and cream instead of low-fat alternatives.

English Breakfast tea contains a modest amount of caffeine. Taken in moderation, caffeine can demonstrably improve certain aspects of memory and learning. Caffeine is also used in the treatment of migraines and more generally as an ingredient in over-the-counter pain relievers. Since caffeine is a stimulant it is best taken moderately. Fortunately, English Breakfast tea is so rich and tasteful that it is ideal for sipping.

Healthier Bones And Blood

Arguably, caffeine indirectly produces benefits through its relaxing properties. Over time, relaxation and stress reduction provide beneficial whole-body effects. These include immune system boosts, clearer thinking and even slower aging. Without cream or sweetener, English Breakfast tea contains almost no calories, making it a great drink for diabetics and others who are careful with their calorie intake. The drink also contains vitamin B, which helps the body create red blood cells, a vital component for excellent health. The phosphorus and magnesium contained in English Breakfast tea are important for strong, resilient bones.

The beneficial circulatory effects of English Breakfast tea deserve special mention. These effects were explored in a 2001 study published by the journal "Circulation." This study found that people with coronary artery problems experienced improved circulation after drinking black tea for only four weeks. As reported in "Clinical Science" and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2002, black tea may also benefit cholesterol levels and reduce heart attack risk.

English Breakfast Tea Can Combat Cancer And Kidney Stones

Although more research is needed, English Breakfast tea may help combat cancer. Researchers from Rutgers University published on the properties of TF-2, a newly-discovered chemical in black tea that can induce can induce cancer cells to literally self-destruct--without harming normal cells in the process. At Boston's prestigious Brigham And Women's Hospital, a lengthy study concluded that drinking an eight-ounce cup of black tea each day can reduce one's chance of experiencing kidney stones by eight percent. Furthermore, this reduction is multiplied when more than one cup is consumed daily.

For centuries, people have appreciated the refreshing experience of drinking English Breakfast tea. Thanks to modern medical science, it becomes ever more clear just how positively this tea affects the human mind and body. Like other types of tea, English Breakfast tea is one habit that no one need feel guilty for indulging.

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