Brew a Perfect Cup of Sencha Tea

The perfect cup of Sencha tea begins with a proper teapot Secret Techniques for Brewing Sencha Tea

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Why so many people love the green tea

Green tea comes in many varieties, and each has its own preferred method of preparation. Sencha tea is among the most popular, and some consider its steeping to be an art. However, with a bit of practice, you'll be doing it like a pro.

Start with the Right Materials

A proper infusion of Sencha begins with a traditional teapot. While these can range in size from miniature one-cup models to those that brew enough for twelve, pots that hold 360 milliliters, or 12.67 fluid ounces, are among the most popular. It is important that the pot be large enough to accommodate the leaves that will need ample room to unfurl.

With Sencha, it's All About the Temperature

You'll find that when steeping Sencha, the correct water temperature is critical. Getting this right will mean the difference between an optimal brew and one that's too bitter or weak. Since the use of boiling water is strictly taboo, the first step involves the taming of the heat.

Start by boiling 6 ounces of purified water for each intended cup. While it heats, you can set your tea cups out in a row, but don't touch the tea leaves yet.

Cooling the Water Down

It can be difficult to heat water to the ideal temperature. For Sencha, the water should be approximately 170 F. If you re water has reached a boil, remove it from the burner and pour it into the empty teapot. This will pre-warm the pot while starting to cool the water down. For this initial step, the teapot must be empty. Never subject your Sencha leaves to boiling temperatures.

At this point, the water is still too hot for brewing. To lower its temperature further, pour it from the pot into the waiting teacups, filling each to the desired level and discarding any water that might remain in the pot. This should bring it to the proper brewing temperature.

Adding the Sencha Leaves

It is finally safe to add the tea to the pot, using one generous teaspoonful of leaves for each projected serving. Now, pour the water from each teacup into the pot and allow the infusion to steep for no more than 60 to 90 seconds. You'll find that Sencha brews quickly.

The Art of the Pour

This is where you can put on a show. When serving Sencha tea, it's important to follow the custom. To ensure an equal strength in every cup, you must dole it out in stages.

Starting at the left and moving to the right, fill each cup in turn just one-quarter of the way. Now, pour the same amount again, moving this time from right to left. Repeat the entire back-and-forth sequence one more time, incrementally filling each cup to the top.

Let No Drop of Sencha Remain

After you've finished pouring, no tea should remain in the pot. If you plan on a second or third infusion, the leaves must be quite dry, so shake the teapot if necessary, tapping the spout to return any stragglers to the bottom.

Additional Infusions

Good-quality Sencha tea will provide more than one tasty potful. For the second infusion, use water of the same temperature and brew for just 30 seconds. A third go-round will call for a 90-second brew-time and water that is close to the boiling point.

You've just steeped the perfect pot of Sencha. Enjoy.

Sencha Tea
A soothing taste with fresh vegetal notes.
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