Benefits of Black Tea

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The Positive Effects of Drinking Dark Tea Blends

Black teas and tea blends are very popular in Western countries. Enjoyed for their pleasing aromas and deep flavors, these tea's have been shown to provide health benefits. It doesn't matter whether you choose Earl Grey, English Breakfast, orange pekoe or another dark variety; all may be able to deliver the same positive effects.

Antioxidant Protection

You've heard of antioxidants, but what exactly are they and what do they do? Found in the phytonutrients contained in tea, antioxidants are known as "free radical quenchers" because they work to neutralize unstable molecules in the body. Free radicals form on a daily basis, and studies have shown that antioxidant intake is a positive way to deal with their potentially harmful effects.

Immune-Boosting Tannins

Another compound in tea, called tannins, has been shown to have the ability to combat common bacterial and viral infections. This may be part of the reason why tea seems to make you feel better if you drink it when you have a cold or the flu.

Soothes Digestive Ailments

Tannins could also be beneficial for digestion. Black tea has been used in China for thousands of years as a remedy for digestive distress including diarrhea. It may help to control unhealthy intestinal bacteria to keep the gut environment balanced, an important consideration since 70 percent of the body's immunity is located in the digestive tract.

Polysaccharide Power

Thanks to the abundance of highly refined treats in the Western diet, carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation. However, the polysaccharides in black tea can actually be beneficial to health. These types of carbohydrates are more complex and have been shown to slow down the absorption of blood sugar. When sugar gets into cells more slowly, you experience sustained energy rather than the spiking and dropping that can occur with refined carbohydrate consumption.

Healthier Teeth

Some of the compounds in dark teas have been shown to cut down on the oral bacteria that lead to tooth decay. The presence of natural fluoride may serve to bolster this effect, leading to better oral health and fresher breath.

Energy Boost Without the Buzz

If you love coffee, it can be hard to imagine a morning without your "java jolt." You'll get about half that amount of caffeine from black blends of tea, so you'll still feel alert without as much risk of overstimulation. Studies show that these teas may help with memory, aid in stress reduction and help you relax more overall so you can start your day with focus and concentration.

Tea Forte offers a variety of premium black tea blends that allow you to enjoy a different flavor every time you brew up a cup. Remember as you savor the experience that these teas have to offer that you're also improving your health with every sip.

Blood Orange Iced Tea
The distinct, sweet taste of Moro "deep blood orange".
English Breakfast Tea
A dark and rich superb Assam black tea.
Vienna Cinnamon
Naturally sweet cinnamon blended with finest black tea.