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An Expert Tells How to Use a Loose Tea Infuser

Tea balls and baskets are just two of the many types of infusers available for brewing loose tea. Shop Tea Forté for over 40 varieties of premium tea to explore.

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A Guide to Choosing an Infuser and Brewing Any Loose Tea Variety

The most common way to brew loose tea is with an infuser. As more artisan blends appear on the market, the types of infusers available is becoming more wide and varied. Follow these guidelines to choose the correct infuser for your favorite tea.

Types of Infusers

Loose tea infusers come in different shapes and sizes. Tea balls and spoon-style infusers are small, round and enclosed while baskets are larger with open tops. Decorative infusers are available in shapes such as hearts, robots and Tea Forte’s iconic pyramid. One-cup like Tea Forte’s popular KATI cup and one-pot brewing systems come with their own infuser baskets that sit directly inside the vessel to brew the tea. You can also purchase cloth filters that mimic tea bags but are meant for use with loose tea.

Size is an important consideration when steeping loose tea. Since the leaves need room to unfurl in order to impart the maximum amount of flavor, it's a good idea to choose the roomiest infuser you can for your tea pot or cup.

How to Use a Loose Tea Infuser

Each type of infuser operates a little differently. Tea balls and shaped infusers usually split down the middle so the tea can be put in one side before you close them up again. Spoon-style infusers have handles that must be squeezed together to open up the ball on the end. Baskets are the easiest type to use as the tea can be placed directly inside. The steeping basket of the KATI cup is ample in allowing the leaves to steep before your eyes and simple to clean.

Measure the correct amount of tea into the infuser for the number of cups you're making. This information can be found on the canister or pouch that holds the tea. Place the filled infuser in the pot or cup. For the optimal steep, you should pre-warm your cup or pot to keep the water temperature even as the tea brews. To do this, simply fill it with hot tap water and let it sit while the water for the tea is boiling. Make sure to check what temperature water to use for the type of tea you're steeping to extract the most flavor and avoid a bitter flavor.

Pour the hot water into the cup or pot and allow the loose tea to steep. Green tea usually requires about three minutes while black tea needs three to five. White tea only needs one to three minutes while some herbal teas can take anywhere from five to ten. Check for the correct steeping time and test the tea to make sure you like the way it tastes before drinking.

At home or on the go, loose tea is the best choice when you want to experience all that a unique blend has to offer. With the right tea infuser, you'll always enjoy the most flavor from your favorite loose tea varieties.

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