Single Steeps® Tea Chest

Single Steeps® Tea Chest

Now tea afficionados and beginners alike can enjoy the wonderful taste of loose leaf tea with perfect ease. Single Steeps® easy to use, pre-portioned pouches are a convenient and simple way to prepare the perfect cup of premium loose leaf tea. Simply open the pouch, empty the contents into a infusing basket in a cup or teapot, and pour hot water over the leaves to steep. Steeps a 12oz teapot or cup, perfectly!
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Single Steeps® Tea Chest

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  1. Margarita M.
    Verified Buyer

    Great sampler!

    Loved trying all the flavors so I can later order what I want.

    09/03/20 | Alexandria, VA
  2. christine k.
    Verified Buyer

    Great gift

    This is a great gift for anyone who loves tea. I send these to my friends and they love it!

    09/03/20 | INDIANAPOLIS, IN
  3. robbie t.
    Verified Buyer

    I just love this tea

    Thank you

    09/03/20 | LOS ANGELES, CA
  4. Barbara K.
    Verified Buyer

    This was a comfort gift for me.

    I enjoy choosing my tea. It is a self-care ritual for me during this pandemic time. I may not have control over what is happening but I can control what tea I drink for my morning routine!

    09/02/20 | Erie, PA
  5. Larissa B.
    Verified Buyer

    This has a wonderful and balanced variety of flavors and types of tea; the herbal teas are great for the evening. All of the flavors taste good.

    09/02/20 | Waban, MA
  6. David T.
    Verified Buyer

    Best Tea Sampler

    This was my first time buying a sampler of loose tea and I could not be happier. Every "flavor" is fantastic, and I love the variety and that they are portioned out in one-cup servings.

    09/02/20 | Cincinnati, OH
  7. Angelika &.
    Verified Buyer

    we love the variety, quality and taste

    09/02/20 | Scottsdale, AZ
  8. Kerry F.
    Verified Buyer

    The perfect way to try them all!

    Loved the wide range of flavors, the perfect way to try ones I normally wouldn't go for. Excellent gift, as well!

    09/02/20 | Apex, NC
    Verified Buyer

    Single Steeps Tea Chest Single Steeps Tea Chest

    This too gives me variety of teas that I enjoy.

    09/02/20 | ANCHORAGE, AK
  10. Evelyn S.
    Verified Buyer


    I am enjoying the variety of loose leaf tea flavors. Very delightful.

    08/30/20 | Spencer, OK
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