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    Tea lovers will adore this award winning tea maker designed to brew any kind of tea; loose-leaf, bagged or flowering teas. Teas are placed into the tea infuser which is attached to a removable, rotating lid. Hot water is then poured into the Tea Maker pitcher and the lid with the tea infuser is screwed into place. Tea is then brewed in full view, making it easy to gauge the strength of the tea. Takeya’s full line of Tea Makers are made from BPA free AcraGlass™ that offers glass-like clarity that doesn’t stain or retain odors and is dishwasher safe. Brews 24 oz.
  • Airtight twist top lid
  • AcraGlass™ is BPA free & food safe
  • Brews loose leaf, flowering or bagged teas
  • Stain, cloud & odor proof
  • Removable rotating infuser
  • 7.25"H x 6"W x 3.75"D
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    brews 24oz
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    This is a great tea maker. It's small and easy to use, and I've tried it with both teabags and loose tea. The receptacle is well designed and doesn't let loose leaves get into the tea. The lid fits loosely while the tea is brewing, and tightens snugly as well. An added bonus: I use a walker and found that the tea maker fits easily onto the front bar. I sent one to another friend who uses a walker.

    2/23/13  |  Nancy, Bronxville, NY

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