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    Our innovative double-walled glass keeps your tea hot while remaining cool to the touch.
    Also great for iced tea, the Poom double-walled glass keeps cold drinks cold just as well as it keeps hot drinks hot. It also eliminates condensation from cold beverages, making it perfect for enjoying Tea-Over-Ice.

    Like our entire Sontu line of artisan hand-blown glassware, Poom showcases our signature pyramid infusers and jewel-like teas. Beautiful for table service or quiet enjoyment. Holds 10 oz.
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    Love it

    Everything about this glass is great. It fits perfectly in your hand, it holds just the right amount of tea, the lid has the hole for the infuser, it's not too fragile, people are always intrigued by it, and something about having tea in this feels "fancy". Definitely an unusual find....and you'll love it!

    11/27/12  |  vicki, Warwick, NY

    Love it!

    Some friends gave us a "set" about 2 years ago, and I hadn't used the glass until this evening, because I was afraid it would break. So, I came to the site to get instructions for how to use it and saw the previous review(s) talking about "glass stays cool, even when the tea is piping hot" - that told me that, yes - I can BOIL water and pour it in the glass... WA-LA! I LOVE my 2 year old glass!!! I did find that, if I left about 1 cm of free space at the top, the outside glass stayed nice and cool. But when I added a bit more hot water (to just below the top), the outside glass did warm up - but it was still cool enough to handle comfortably! This glass is sure to get a lot of use now that I'm confident it's not as fragile as it looks! It's beautiful!

    2/11/11  |  Willow, Vancouver, WA

    Love This Glass!

    So elegant and innovative! The glass is beautiful and cool to the touch even though the tea inside is very hot! I will definitely order more of these to serve to all my friends!!

    12/17/10  |  Amiee, Mesa, AZ

    Beautiful and functional

    I have a pair of these glasses, which I bought over a year ago, and I use them everyday for my coffee and tea. I've had glass mugs in the past that were pretty fragile and didn't last for more than a month or so, but these are very durable and well-made. Even when the beverage inside is piping hot, the outside of the glass stays cool enough to hold, and the way the glass curves in at the middle allows for a good, sturdy grasp. I prefer these over ceramic mugs because they don't stain or retain flavors and odors, and when the lid is on, the liquid stays hot for a surprisingly long time. I've broken a few lids, but luckily they sell replacements on this site, and they're only a few dollars each, so I always keep one or two extras on hand just in case.

    11/24/10  |  MORRIS, Marina del Rey, CA

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