iced raspberry nectar tea

herbal tea
Savor the natural sweetness of sun-ripened raspberries in every sip of this luscious, herbal iced nectar tea. Ruby red rose hips, sweet apple and a medley of summer berries are blended for pure, fruity, refreshment.
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iced raspberry nectar tea five over ice
iced raspberry nectar tea five over ice
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iced raspberry nectar tea

Customer Reviews

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Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 5 minutes or longer, 208°F.
Flash chill by pouring over ice.


hibiscus, natural raspberry flavor, apple pieces, rose hips, sweet blackberry leaves, orange peels, raspberry pieces

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine-Free
Naturally Caffeine-Free
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Customer Reviews (5)   Write a review

Absolutely wonderful

Fabulous! This tea taste just like the fruit. This is the best raspberry tea I have ever had. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend it!

6/24/12  |  Darcel, San Antonio, TX

The raspberrry is wonderful!

We had the raspberry nectar at Rosie's In Winton Manors, FL. Loved it! Went back 5 times in 5 days for the tea. They were sold out by the 4th time back. Discovered this wonderful tea by accident. You will enjoy the taste and presentation. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

2/24/12  |  Thomas, Milwaukee, WI

Summer time carbonation

Have a "Soda Stream" and just for a giggle carbonated a container one day... viola! the best iced tea, but made it feel as if I was drinking something else. Really good.

6/18/11  |  Fiffy, San Mateo, CA

Beautiful Color

This tea is wonderful and I am hooked

8/24/10  |  Cindy, Ada, OK

The Most Fantastic tea

Not being a tea drinker, I have been head-over-heels with the Iced Raspberry Nectar herbal tea. I can't stop drinking it. Now I am a tea drinker but it's really hard to find it in Vancouver. Water is not my faviourite, Raspberry Nectar herbal tea is.

4/4/10  |  Becky, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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