Zojirushi 3L Micom Hot Water Dispenser 3 liter water boiler

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The Zojirushi 3 liter hot water dispenser is the perfect kitchen appliance for tea lovers. Simply fill the pot with water and plug it in. It boils the water and keeps it at a set temperature all day long for hot tea. The Zojirushi has four different hot water temperature settings to choose from, depending upon your needs, 160˚F, 175˚F, 195˚F and 208˚F. This dispenser also features an easy-to-clean, nonstick interior and safety auto shut-off when there is no water inside.

Zojirushi features include:
  • Updated color
  • One-touch electric dispensing system
  • Easy-to-clean nonstick interior
  • Micro computerized temperature control system
  • Dechlorinate and descaling mode
  • Convenient timer feature (6-10) hours
  • Safety auto-shut off
  • Suggested Temperatures for Teas:
    White Teas 160°F
    Green and Green Teas 175°F
    Oolong Tea 195°F
    Black and Herbal Teas 208°F
  • Made by Zojirushi
  • Full Instructions & Safety Guide
  • 3rd party item, discounts are not applicable
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  1. Georgina S.
    Verified Buyer

    Has no on/off button

    Too bad it has no on/off button. The machine has to be unplugged or put to sleep for 10 hours. Sometimes 10 hours are not enough for sleep time. I love the fact that i can spin it around. It has enough water . It is easy to use!

    12/13/18 | staten Island, NY
  2. Susan W.
    Verified Buyer

    Tea anytime

    So far I truly love this dispenser. There is hot water whenever I need it. I have found myself enjoying more pots of tea than usual. The timer feature is great, as soon as I set it for when I want it to start heating in the morning, it shuts off and doesn't continually run over night.

    10/09/18 | Enterprise, AL
  3. Tim L.
    Verified Buyer


    Awesome awesome awesome.

    02/28/18 | Austin, TX
  4. elzbieta k.

    The Best Hot Water dispenser

    i am using this dispenser daily. Highly recommended

    02/09/17 | Burlington, CT