Vanilla Pear Tea

White Tea

AWARD WINNER: 2015 SOFI Award for Best Hot Beverage

Vanilla orchid melds with fresh baked pear for a relaxing cup.

USDA Organic

Tasting Notes

Flavor: vanilla, pear, apple
Aroma: sweet, fruity
Color: golden
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Vanilla Pear Tea
Vanilla Pear Tea

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Lotus Loose Tea Canister

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Vanilla Pear Tea

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Vanilla Pear Tea

About Vanilla Pear Tea

Tea Type : White Tea

Reflecting the creativity and craftsmanship of this ultimate tea experience, our white organic tea, Vanilla Pear, is blended to soothe and relax. Vanilla is gaining more attention as studies suggest that the anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties of vanilla and vanilla extract may act as inhibitors to cancer cells. This award-winning blend received a SOFI Award for Best Hot Beverage in 2015.

Steeping instructions

1. Heat water to 195˚F.
2. Place tea in cup and pour water over the leaves.
3. Steep for 2-4 minutes.
4. Enjoy!

For loose leaf iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass.

Tasting Notes

Flavor: vanilla, pear, apple
Aroma: sweet, fruity
Color: golden


  • Organic white tea
  • Organic ginger
  • Organic lemongrass
  • Organic cornflower petals
  • Natural pear flavor
  • Natural apple flavor
  • Organic vanilla pieces
  • Natural orange flavors
  • Natural vanilla flavor

Caffeine Content (Mg)

0 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41+
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  1. Susan P.
    Verified Buyer

    One of my new favorites

    I love pear flavoring and pared with vanilla, this one is fantastic and I never want to be without it. Can't quite describe the overtones of pear and vanilla - Always good.

    01/11/21 | Sandpoint, ID
  2. Marion M.
    Verified Buyer


    This is one of my favorite Tea Forte teas - that's why I bought 3. It is often out of stock, so I was glad to be able to purchase some now.

    12/26/20 | Colorado Springs, CO
  3. Roger G.
    Verified Buyer

    A delicious taste of vanilla and sweet fruit.

    09/02/20 | BROOKLYN, NY
  4. Debra M.
    Verified Buyer

    Tea Crack

    My husband who is an avid coffee drinker and profound tea hater, turned the corner to the light with this tea. This means he will actually do High tea with me, if I bring this along! That and if they also serve Rose or GT's too! I love it as a light tea in the evening and it does not keep me awake.

    09/02/20 | Del Mar, CA
  5. Linda B.
    Verified Buyer

    Nice pleasant flavor

    Vanilla Pear is a delicious subtle flavor. I love it

    09/02/20 | Cypress, TX
  6. Annabel W.
    Verified Buyer

    White tea

    Nice relaxing flavor

    08/30/20 | Estero, FL
  7. Jill U.
    Verified Buyer

    A bit spicy

    I really liked this one when I got it in the taster pack, but in the canister I found the ginger much more pronounced and unbalanced. It's still good, but not what I imagine "vanilla pear" to taste like.

    08/26/20 | St.Albert, Canada
  8. marbella b.
    Verified Buyer

    Light and fruity

    Very nice tea love the fruity taste.

    08/24/20 | Corona, CA
  9. Lois C.
    Verified Buyer


    This is my go to tea each morning. Great flavors!

    08/24/20 | Elgin, IL
  10. Roamine R.
    Verified Buyer


    The notes of vanilla and pear are a delicious. Mid-Low caffeine. A must have for a lazy summer evening.

    08/24/20 | Ludlow, KY
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