Loose Leaf Tea Trios Loose Leaf Tea Trio - Green

A charming and convenient way to get to know loose leaf teas a bit better. Three loose leaf tea blends in each collection. Individual, stackable, interlocking tins maintain maximum freshness and are 100% recyclable. Approximately 10 cups of tea per blend.

All blends are Kosher certified and USDA organic.
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  1. Frank F.
    Verified Buyer

    Excellent products

    Excellent service

    12/31/20 | Delray Beach, FL
  2. Rita S.
    Verified Buyer

    Loose Leaf Tea Trios

    I gave these as a gift along with the Kati Steeping Cup to my son’s boss who is a total tea lover! The flavors were unique and she was thrilled!

    12/27/20 | Pahrump, NV
  3. Rosemary R.
    Verified Buyer

    A nice way to find your favorite flavored green teas

    This mini tin collection gives you a chance to "spend a few cups" with each flavor before investing in bigger tins. Fans of Tazo's Zen tea will find Lemon Sorbetti to be a more full-bodied and bolder version. The Green Mango Peach has a balanced mix of sweet and ginger kick that tastes great hot or cold. In fact, all 3 flavors work well steaming or on ice.

    09/20/20 | BRONX, NY
  4. Sharon M.
    Verified Buyer

    Good set of sample flavors

    These are all very good teas. My only issue is that the leaves in this sampler are not the same high quality as are in the big loose leaf tins.

    09/02/20 | Pittsburgh, PA
  5. Sarah D.
    Verified Buyer

    Best selection of green teas that are offered here, each one has great flavor and tastes good hot or cold.

    09/02/20 | OREM, UT
  6. Gretchen S.
    Verified Buyer

    Tasty Iced Trio

    This trio loose tea is so good iced during the summer. The first one to vanish was the green mango peach tea. It's a nice little set that they put together.

    08/24/20 | BUENA PARK, CA
  7. Jane M.
    Verified Buyer

    Great gift!

    Purchased as a gift along with the Kati steeping cup. My friend loved it!

    08/24/20 | blue ridge, VA
  8. Leighanne P.
    Verified Buyer

    Great Teas

    Was a gift to my mom - she loved them all.

    06/13/20 | Dundas, Canada
  9. CINDY W.
    Verified Buyer

    My favorite would be the cucumber mint!

    03/02/20 | Baldwin Hills, CA
  10. Victoria R.

    Loved them all

    My whole family enjoyed all of these teas. It is a set worth keeping at home at all times.

    02/28/20 | Unionville, TN
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