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Loose tea by the cup.....simple. Our double-walled ceramic tumbler and integrated stainless steel infuser make steeping loose tea by the cup simple. The innovative double-wall construction keeps the tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Add the lid to your cup while steeping. When done, remove and use as a tray for your infuser basket. See them all here.

Measurements and Details:
  • Gloss finish
  • Steeps 12 oz
  • Includes improved stainless steel infuser basket, ceramic cup & lid
  • Ceramic cup and lid are microwave & dishwasher-safe
  • Do not microwave stainless steel infuser basket
  • Box measures: 3.6 L x 3.6 D x 5.8 H"
  • Soleil

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    1. Gia Y.
      Verified Buyer

      Love the yellow!!

      Beautiful and convenient!! We have 5 of these now in different colors. They are the best and dishwasher safe!!

      03/26/21 | Brooklyn, NY
    2. Lynn F.


      The first thing about this cup is that it is visually stunning. The yellows are bold and bright and the flower colors the right choice to compliment the background. That being said, I currently own 7 of these cups, but, have had in my possession over 13. I have given several away when friends come to visit who have enjoyed the cup and tea. Recently, I cleaned out my cups and gave 4 to my BBF to increase her collecting. I have gotten off track, but wanted to give a backstory as to why I am going to make the following comment. The construction of this KATI cup is very poor. The bottom of the cup does not sit flat on any surface and has a slight wobble. The lid is visually not poured right and doesn't sit on the top of the cup well. I am not pleased for the first time when buying from Tea Forte. I will have to make the decision as to whether or not I want to throw away this cup and buy another. It is hard for me to give up the $20 I spent on this KATI cup. Will I stop buying from Tea Forte? NO! I love the tea and have really enjoyed the KATI cups I do own. I do recommend this company to my friends and family who enjoy custom teas.

      03/23/21 | Bonanza, OR
    3. Leticia M.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      Tea cup and infuser

      This tea cup is adorable. While I’m not big on the flowers, the overall functionality was amazing. I am more a modern abstract art design connoisseur. But again, function gets a five from me.

      02/19/21 | Potomac, MD
    4. Sara N.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      Springtime in a cup!

      I couldn’t wait to open my shipment from Tea Forté’s New York Botanical Garden collection. It felt like a hint of spring in the dead of winter — very much needed right now! The Soleil Kati steeping cup (like the other cups in their New York Botanical Garden collection) is a departure from Tea Forté’s more abstract patterns, and gazing at the flowers and honeybee while sipping my tea helped me feel transported to a warmer season. As always, the Kati cup’s infuser basket and lid are beautifully functional, allowing loose teas to be steeped to perfection. I love that the lid helps keep my tea warm, while also serving as a tray on which to rest the infuser basket after steeping. This cup would make a perfect Mother’s Day or “Happy Spring” gift!

      02/19/21 | Columbus, OH
    5. Chris K.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      Must-have Tea Accessory

      This cup is so well made and nice to look at. In addition it takes all the headache out of enjoying loose tea. It is also very easy to clean. I really can't find any improvements to make on this design.

      02/19/21 | Mableton, GA
    6. Shirley N.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      Absolutely Gorgeous!

      This steeping cup is absolutely gorgeous and in good quality. Another great Tea Forte product!

      02/19/21 | San Francisco, CA
    7. Casey G.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      Bold colors

      I love the bold colors of the cup. The cup is perfect for loose tea, keeps the tea warm. The steeping basket is amazing.

      02/19/21 | Battlefield, MO
    8. Deborah G.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      luminous florals

      The Soleil Kati steeping cup and infuser is an absolutely gorgeous breath of spring. The artwork is stunning and a joy to look at. This mug is a real mood-booster. The double-wall construction keeps my tea hot for quite a long time. I love the no handle style. Holding a warm mug in both hands feels so soothing to me. The stainless steel infuser works well, but for ease of cleaning be sure to rinse it out promptly. The lid helps keep the heat in while my tea is steeping and it's a handy place for my infuser basket when my tea is ready. I really enjoy this beautiful and functional tea mug.

      02/19/21 | Tucson, AZ
    9. Elena Y.
      Tea Forté Connoisseur Tea Forté Connoisseur

      A Piece of Art

      Part of the Soleil collection, this new Kati Cup is a beautiful piece of art. The vibrant colors and artwork detail make this tumbler stunning and unique. Because of its heavier weight and smooth ceramic, the tumbler feels luxurious, warm, and cozy in your hand. Of the floral designed Kati Cups, this is the best yet. (I did notice that this Kati Cup is only very slightly taller and heavier and appears to have thicker walls compared to my ‘Fleur’ Kati Cup while still holding 12 oz.) The stainless steel infuser basket still gives plenty of room for the tea to fully expand and properly steep, without getting stuck in the tiny holes allowing for easy cleaning compared to typical mesh tea strainers. Also to note, this tumbler is a plain white color inside which allows you to visually appreciate your tea as well. Another collaboration with the New York Botanical Garden, I think it is appropriate to highlight that purchases support the NYBG’s work in plant research and conservation, horticulture, and education. This was a lovely addition to my tea collection, especially with springtime almost here.

      02/16/21 | Fleming Island, FL