PUGG Teapot & Infuser cherry blossom

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PUGG’s cheerful attitude and foolproof steeping system will become a lifetime companion to any tea lover. The durable, gloss-glazed ceramic teapot with stainless steel infusing basket steeps 24 ounces of tea, perfect for sharing with a friend or loved one.

Directions: Add 3-4 teaspoons of your favorite loose leaf tea into the PUGG's stainless steel infusing basket. Heat 24 ounces of water in a separate kettle and when ready, pour the hot water over the tea leaves, filling the teapot to capacity. Steep for 2-5 minutes, depending on the tea type, and serve!

  • Steeps 24 oz
  • Stainless steel infusing basket included
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe, metal lid and infuser basket can be removed for cleaning.
  • Teapot is not for stove-top use
  • Do not microwave infusing basket or metal lid
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    1. Maida B.
      Verified Buyer


      Absolutely love it! Love brewing my tea fresh every morning. So glad my sister sent me a Christmas present from your store. I have been hooked ever since!

      03/18/21 | Flemington, MO
    2. Sharon P.
      Verified Buyer

      Pugg Teapot

      So cute! The pot is the perfect size for one person!! Easy to use too.

      02/07/21 | Walnut Creek, CA
    3. Taunya L.
      Verified Buyer

      A little difficult to remove steep tray; perfect for sharing a cup.

      02/07/21 | Alsip, IL
    4. Bobbi G.
      Verified Buyer


      I love this tea pot, wish I could get it in a bigger size

      02/07/21 | Chapel Hill, NC
    5. Salih A.
      Verified Buyer

      Simple, aesthetic design; great for when my aunt comes over and we want to enjoy a cute little cup of tea.

      01/28/21 | Fremont, CA
    6. Nicholas C.
      Verified Buyer

      Perfect Size for Tea, Totally!

      This has become my go to teapot, it makes the right amount for one person (several nice sized cups worth). It's held up well too, been using it for about a half year now.

      01/28/21 | Northbrook, IL
    7. Andrea N.
      Verified Buyer

      Beautiful Gifts

      If you know anyone that loves tea or collects teapot, then you need to grab these! They are Gorgeous The picture does not do it justice. Thank You for the beautiful items.

      11/04/20 | Cave Junction, OR
    8. Kwang L.
      Verified Buyer

      A little hard to use. Don't recommend.

      Unfortunately, this teapot's tea infuser does not come out of the teapot easily. It actually only comes out if you really pull it out, which is difficult when there's hot water steeping the tea. I'm very upset that I ordered these and handed them out as gifts.

      11/02/20 | Bothell, WA
    9. LiPing S.
      Verified Buyer

      Beautiful Tea Pot

      This was an add on to a tea set & was a gorgeous addition.

      11/01/20 | EAST FALMOUTH, MA
    10. Gina L.

      Net gets stuck on lid

      The net that holds the loose leaf gets really stuck under the leaf, so when you want to take out the tea, it won't come out. I could only take it out if I completely turned over the teapot (not practical if it's full of hot tea) OR if I really yanked it out (also not practical when theres hot tea in the pot). I consider this product semi-defective and taking it off the site since it can't do one of it's basic functions.

      10/29/20 | Seattle, WA
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