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PUGG Teapot & Infuser cherry blossom

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PUGG’s cheerful attitude and foolproof steeping system will become a lifetime companion to any tea lover. The durable, gloss-glazed ceramic teapot with improved stainless steel infusing basket steeps tea for two. Dishwasher safe. Steeps 24 oz.
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  1. Helen M.
    Verified Buyer

    Afternoon tea

    I purchased this for myself to make a pot of tea to enjoy late in the afternoon. It reminds me of DC and the cherry trees.

    05/17/18 | Springfield, VA
  2. Paula S.
    Verified Buyer


    This is a beautiful two- cup teapot. The infuser is very good - it has a flat bottom so can sit on a counter. The spout is weird- very pinched so tea spills over the sides easily. It is a really good product- I recommend it to anyone looking for a two cup teapot.

    04/13/18 | Hoffman Estates, IL
  3. Alison E.
    Verified Buyer

    Perfect little tea pot

    One of my favorites! Perfect size and so beautiful!!

    02/28/18 | knoxville, TN
  4. Jeanneth S.
    Verified Buyer

    A beauty

    Love it, a beauty.

    02/28/18 | Ronkonkoma, NY
  5. Donna V.
    Verified Buyer

    Beautiful teapot

    I just love this teapot. It is so pretty and together with the tea mug it makes a perfect match.

    02/25/18 | Las Vegas, NV
  6. Eric A.
    Verified Buyer

    Incredible infuser

    I have absolutely no complaints about this kettle. The mesh on the infuser is incredibly fine and will only let the finest of powder through - unlike other diffusers I've used which let even medium sized leaves right through the mesh and into my tea. The size is perfect for 2 decently large size cups of tea. I bought this for my girlfriend but honestly ive probably been using it more. She loved the rose blossoms though (as did many of her friends). Highly recommend! You will not be disappointed with your tea brewing experience.

    02/11/18 | Pecatonica, IL
  7. lydia t.
    Verified Buyer

    Very cute

    Love the cute little teapot Do have to be careful when pouring is only downside

    02/11/18 | Turner, ME
  8. Regina W.
    Verified Buyer

    Pretty Petite Perfection

    First I loved the look of this Pugg teapot, but it's functionality and ease of use has won me over! It's perfect for my afternoon tea. The infuser is easy to remove and clean and the pot brews a good cup of tea. But it's still the look I like most. When I'm sipping my tea, looking at that lovely cherry blossom pattern, my thoughts are transported to a beautiful garden and what is better than that!

    02/11/18 | Sterling, VA
  9. Debra G.
    Verified Buyer

    love it

    02/11/18 | Milton, GA
  10. Darla G.
    Verified Buyer


    This teapot is so pretty with the bone white cups, it adds the splash of color I was looking for to go with the tea cups.

    02/11/18 | Loveland, CO
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