Green Tea Assortment Presentation Box

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Finest quality green tea leaves, blended with fruits, flowers and herbs. Includes five blends: Green Mango Peach, Jasmine Green, Lemon Sorbetti, Oasis, and Sencha. This collection contains all Kosher teas.
Perfect for: Gifts, Health, green tea lovers
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Green Tea Assortment

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  1. M. T.
    Verified Buyer

    Best Tea Ever

    I can't say anything bad about this tea. I love it and tell everyone I know to purchase the tea. The only down side is the cost. But it is worth every penny.

    02/25/20 | FORT WASHINGTON, MD
  2. Laura H.
    Verified Buyer

    Green tea

    We tasted tea forte green tea on vacation and have been ordering it ever since that trip. Cannot find it locally.

    02/25/20 | Louisville, KY
  3. Idette T.
    Verified Buyer

    Green Tea

    Absolutely LOVE the green tea collection. Very relaxing and soothing.

    02/22/20 | Clermont, FL
  4. Christa N.
    Verified Buyer

    Bought as a Birthday present, combined with the Moroccan Mint. It was beautiful, the colors of the two looked very nice together.

    02/22/20 | Arlington, TX
  5. Roberta L.
    Verified Buyer


    Loved the tea. The taste is outstanding.

    02/22/20 | Upland, CA
  6. Joseph S.
    Verified Buyer

    Great Christmas Gift

    Gave this to someone on Xmas Eve, next day we had morning tea from the sampler. Oasis is my favorite, just wish it was organic.

    02/22/20 | Warrington, PA
  7. Colleen O.
    Verified Buyer

    Green Tea Nirvana

    Love this great assortment of green tea!

    02/14/20 | Orange, CA
  8. Anna P.
    Verified Buyer

    I love green tea and this box is the best gift I could make myself. Delicious and good looking tea ❤️

    01/18/20 | Brooklyn, NY
  9. Mairel Charm D.
    Verified Buyer

    Great taste!

    09/05/19 | Liberty Township, OH
  10. Qiao G.
    Verified Buyer

    Love the variety

    Great gift set.

    08/30/19 | Elmhurst, NY
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