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Tupelo Honey Flute 20oz flute

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Tupelo Honey is the gold standard by which all other honey varieties are measured. For two weeks every spring, White (Ogeche) Tupelo Trees in the Southeastern swamps bloom with fine sunburst-shaped flowers that glisten with nectar. Savannah Bee Company Tupelo Honey has buttery undertones and a mellow, clean-finishing sweetness. It's like a thick, slow-moving river of liquid sunshine. Tupelo Honey complements a variety of foods but it's so delicious, we like it best just by the spoonful! KSA Kosher Certified.
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  1. Elizabeth T.
    Verified Buyer


    10/19/18 | Deer Park, NY
  2. Diana K.
    Verified Buyer


    Loved the flavor of the tea... Its a little hard to keep the top clean

    08/24/18 | Albuquerque, NM
  3. Monika G.
    Verified Buyer


    love the taste and the bottle. The honey glides out.

    04/12/18 | Palos Hills, IL
  4. Neil Z.
    Verified Buyer

    So beautiful!

    The flute is truly a wonderful presentation of a delicious treat.

    02/28/18 | Branford, CT
  5. yookyung s.
    Verified Buyer

    Love it.

    Not your average honey from the market. Love it.

    02/28/18 | San PEdro, CA
  6. Delilah A.
    Verified Buyer

    So Pretty

    It’s so pretty that I don’t want to finish it! But it also tastes so good with the assortment of teas that I’ve collected and have been enjoy with guests. A beautiful display of honey for the perfect cup of tea, I love it!!

    02/28/18 | WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA
  7. Andre S.
    Verified Buyer

    Very good...

    This honey is very good. I was surprised by how smooth it was. Will purchase again.

    02/28/18 | Council Bluffs, IA
  8. Matt B.
    Verified Buyer

    Just what we were looking for

    This flute of honey was excellent, thanks!

    02/28/18 | Chicago, IL
  9. Erin W.
    Verified Buyer

    Just perfect!

    I have bought this honey flute 3 times now! Savannah Bee Company's honey is absolutely to die for. I don't think I can ever go back to using a honey bear ever again! While you do pay a premium for this honey, it is definitely worth it.

    02/26/18 | Pittsburgh, PA
  10. Lisa F.
    Verified Buyer

    smooth and sweet honey

    I love the smooth , buttery feel of this honey. I always sip down a teaspoon before dropping another into my tea. It makes me feel all warm inside

    02/25/18 | Somerville, MA
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