Single Steeps® Lotus

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The perfect measure for the perfect cup™
Single Steeps® easy to use, pre-portioned pouches are a convenient and simple way to prepare the perfect cup of premium loose leaf tea. Steeping delicious and exceptional tea is as simple as opening the pre-portioned pouch of tea, emptying the contents into a personal teapot or infusing basket, and pouring the water over the leaves to steep the perfect 12 oz cup or single pot of tea.

Lotus Single Steeps® is a curated collection of relaxing teas for mind, body & spirit. This unique and unprecedented gourmet collection of highest-grade, small-lot, certified organic teas have been difficult to source as they are rarely exported. Each box contains fifteen pre-measured loose tea pouches, 3 of each blend: Darjeeling Quince, Lemon Lavender, Mountain Oolong, Orange Jasmine, and Vanilla Pear. All teas are USDA Organic Certified.
Perfect for: Tranquil moments.
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  1. Lynn O.
    Verified Buyer


    My boss brought in some of these and they are now the shop favorite! I got some for my hubs for Xmas, he's a happy camper

    01/15/21 | UNION BRIDGE, MD
  2. Nicole J.
    Verified Buyer

    Perfect variety

    As a newer tea lover, I appreciated the variety of flavors and types of teas in this assortment. I’m working my way through the box and I’m enjoying all of them. It’s so nice to learn about the choices that are available and to learn which teas best suit each mood or time of day.

    12/30/20 | Ellicott City, MD
  3. Lou T.
    Verified Buyer

    Tea Forte Comes through with Excellent Tea and Service

    I received a cup and loose teas from the Lotus Collection as a birthday gift in November. I liked it enough to give my tea-drinking daughter the same gift for Christmas 2020 and know that I will try more teas in the future. Excellent quality!

    12/23/20 | Santa Rosa, CA
  4. Diane M.
    Verified Buyer


    I am sure my friend will enjoy this to go along with her Lotus cup!

    11/23/20 | North Ridgeville, OH
  5. Michelle C.
    Verified Buyer

    Single steeps

    This is my favourite kit to order when waiting for my favourite white tea. It has Vanilla Pear Tea in the collection, which is my most favourite tea. Sometimes it’s sold out... because plenty of other people love it too, but it’s well worth the wait😍. The other teas in the Single Steeps are gorgeous as well. The taste and quality is well worth it. These rock! Get them!

    09/02/20 | Winnipeg, Canada
  6. samantha m.
    Verified Buyer

    Nice Blend

    Good range of flavors and good sizes

    09/02/20 | San Francisco, CA
  7. Amy B.
    Verified Buyer

    Perfect collection!

    I would buy all of these teas individually and have raved about some of them to my friends. It’s the perfect collection of a variety of tea for me and I would absolutely buy this again for someone that was curious about what TeaForté has to offer.

    09/02/20 | Brown Deer, WI
  8. Lauren Q.
    Verified Buyer


    every blend in this set is wonderful, but i particularly LOVE the lemon lavender... such a soothing cup at the end of the day!

    09/02/20 | Graniteville, SC
  9. Rebecca S.
    Verified Buyer

    Perfect Size

    I love the single steeps because they are the perfect amount to put into my electric tea maker. The Lotus collection has some of my very favorite flavors and I have enjoyed it immensely. It is a lovely Collection and I highly recommend it.

    09/01/20 | Graham, TX
  10. Pamela M.
    Verified Buyer

    Absolutely delicious. I have been giving them as gifts. Yes

    A marvelous way to try new teas.

    08/31/20 | Merchantville, NJ
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