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Tea Tasting Assortment

Tea Tasting Assortment

The perfect introduction to the Tea Forté experience. Beautifully packaged and always appreciated, this curated tea collection is a most welcome presentation of the world’s most extraordinary teas.
Perfect for: Gifts. Sharing. Those new to tea. Everyone.
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Tea Tasting Assortment

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Large Gift Tin

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Presentation Box

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  1. Marion S.
    Verified Buyer


    So far this one has been our favorite one.

    02/19/19 | Columbus, OH
  2. Jennifer M.
    Verified Buyer

    Wonderful variety

    The assortment is so good and allows you to sample all of the different tastes. All delicious!

    02/19/19 | Washington, GA
  3. Cindy L.
    Verified Buyer

    Come by for Tea

    My guests love these teas, I cannot decide on my favorite

    02/18/19 | York, Canada
  4. Nancy R.
    Verified Buyer

    20 Infusers

    I bought 1 set for a gift and 1 set for myself. I love the variety, taste and individual pryamid tea. Each cup of tea is an adventure.I will definitely be ordering again. I also bought a set of honey in jars for my husband’s birthday and he loved them.

    02/18/19 | Erie, PA
  5. Lagakis, S.
    Verified Buyer

    Incredible flavors and a great gift!

    This classic assortment box is one of my FAVORITE go-to gifts for all occasions. I frequently get it for myself as well because it has a little bit of every tea for you to sample (green, black, herbal, white) and the tea itself is of great quality. The packaging is also superb (and this is coming from a packaging designer!). 5/5 stars- I would recommend this set if it's your first time trying Tea Forte or if you're going to a house-warming party, unsure of what to get your in-laws for the holidays, or want to surprise a special someone.

    02/18/19 | Astoria, NY
  6. Kristina H.
    Verified Buyer

    Tea Forte is FAB

    This is my favorite set.

    02/18/19 | Montclair, NJ
  7. Phyllis T.
    Verified Buyer

    Liked them all!

    Ginger lemongrass really helps soothe my stomach.

    02/18/19 | North Wales, PA
    Verified Buyer

    Great for gift

    I got this for the gifts while visiting families in Chinese New Year, and everyone love it. The tea taste is very smooth and good to pair with all kind of Chinese style dessert.

    02/18/19 | KINGWOOD, TX
  9. Carolyn R.
    Verified Buyer

    One of my favorites for gift giving

    When I want to introduce others to the wonderful tea selections Tea Forte offers, I present to them as a gift, the Presentation Box Tea Tasting assortment. I have also created gift baskets for my charity auctions using Tea Forte presentation box Tea Tasting assortment and also the Herbal Retreat assortment.

    02/18/19 | Hawthorn Woods, IL
  10. Linde B.
    Verified Buyer

    Take a Moment For You

    A great variety to “infuse” into your day and revive your tastebuds and spirit. The crisp tea flavors provide an awesome aroma for the senses and each sip brings a beautiful flavor to your tastebuds.

    02/18/19 | Langhorne, PA
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