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PUGG’s cheerful attitude and foolproof brewing system will become a lifetime companion to any tea lover. Steeps a generous amount of piping hot tea for two, using either loose leaf tea or tea bags. Made from durable ceramic and stainless steel. Not just a teapot, a member of the family. Steeps 24 oz. Not intended for stove-top use.

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• Teapot is dishwasher safe and steeps 24 oz
• Teapot lid unclips from teapot and is easily removed for cleaning
• Not intended for stove-top use
• Measures: 5.4 l x 5.4 d x 4.8 h
• Stainless steel mesh infuser basket included

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Customer Reviews (12) Write a review

infuser Beauty is skin deep

What a mess this pot creates! Clean up will be your result with this one, rather than a relaxing brew. As another reviewer stated, every single pour is a spill, no matter how full the pot, so guard your counter or table top. The strainer is wider than the opening allowed by the position of the lid, so getting grounds back out is a struggle and even pouring in the water is awkward for the design. Someone went for "cute" over function and the cuteness just doesn't make up for the terrible function.

10/02/15 | , Temple, TX

infuser infuser Not what I expected

This is a nice little teapot, but..... #1. It spills all over the place when you pour. #2. Strainer cup little too short.

07/04/15 | , Hawaii, HI

infuser All hat, no saddle

Eye catching colors and patterns - that's where the compliments end. The function is so deplorable if I could give minus stars I would for the following reasons: the strainer is not a good fit and it crumples, the lid is hard to manuver so be happy when your lid breaks away from the pot, and the pot is very difficult to clean. Had I bought this from a big box store I would't be half as disappointed as I was buying this from a tea company. I expect a tea company to have beautiful as well as functional designs to showcase their products. If you want a teapot for display by all means buy this; but if you want to use it don't waste your money.

04/02/15 | , Acworth, GA

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser PUGG Tea Pot with Poppies

I recently bought a PUGG tea pot because my other pot is very clumsy to use. I love this pot! It is beautiful and the infuser is easy to put in and take out if you just take the lid off the pot first. I found the lid a bit difficult to put on and take off at first, until I learned how to to do it. Now it is very easy. The poppies are bright and cheerful, such a nice addition to the kitchen. I prefer using loose tea so I can adjust the amount of tea I put in the pot; now I have a cheerful fun to use tea pot. Thanks Tea Forte'.

03/28/15 | , Willis, TX

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Pugg Ceramic Teapot

Just received my Poppy Fields Pugg teapot which I used for the first time tonight. I love this little thing. Nice to be able to make two mugs of tea. Have had no issues with pouring as previously mentioned. It was a hard decision on which one to get.....so happy with the Poppy Fields.

12/13/14 | , Santa Fe, NM

infuser Pretty but poorly designed

The poppy design and 2 cup capacity were the main factors in deciding to buy this teapot. Unfortunately, this is a very poorly designed pot. The spout is too narrow and spills are created at every pour. In addition, the lid does not fit the pot correctly. It's a strain to maneuver it into the correct position without chipping the ceramic pot and to add water to the infuser, I have to take the lid completely off. I am very, very disappointed as my other teapots (not from this company) are well-designed little workhorses. Tea is drunk daily in my house and if I have to fuss this much with a pot and clean up spills to merely have a nice cup of tea, then an image of your company as negligent in the testing of your products is the image I am left with. And, that's a company that's actively discouraging me from being a repeat customer.

11/29/14 | , New York, NY

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser the chubby little PUGG

Packs for travel...so, keep the box...mine has been all over Michigan, to San Francisco, & Chicago. Nothing better in a strange place than to have my perfect cuppa...usually Green Jasmine. Love the matte green on my older version...the steeping basket also fits many of my tall, narrow mugs and other tea pots. Love this little tea pot. Cleans up nicely with baking soda if the dishwasher does not do the trick.

11/28/14 | , Metro Detroit, MI

infuser infuser infuser infuser infuser Poppy Fields

I want to thank you for the new Poppy Fields Pugg! I had one of the original Puggs in pistachio (which I cracked carrying it back and forth to work on my bike!), and the upgraded cover is terrific! It now stay open when I'm adding tea and pouring water. *Everyone* who sees it comments on how beautiful it is. Every time I look at it I just smile. Keep up the great work, Tea Forte! I'm so glad I found you!

10/03/13 | , Kenosha, WI

infuser infuser infuser infuser cute little pot

I purchased 2 of these tea pots. I agree with other reviews that the lids could be better made, and the handle could be more ergonomic. However I do not find these characteristics detracting from the overall utility of the pot. I would also add that the spout could be a little more rounder. Having said all that, for the price I think this is a great little tea pot. Cute design that renders at least two cups of tea. I like it a lot and would recommend them to a friend.

09/09/13 | , Concord, NH

infuser infuser infuser Needs better lid

Overall I like this teapot - nice size, design and weight. The very first time I used it though the lid broke off from the spring. Very flimsy compared to the rest of the teapot. I think a ceramic lid would be better.

05/26/13 | , Fort Worth, TX

infuser infuser infuser nice teapot

I received this teapot as a gift for dog sitting. I was very excited because I am an avid tea lover. I love the style and the look very much. The 2 person capacity is great for me because I am the only tea drinker in the house. There are a few things that need to be looked into for this product to receive 5 stars for me. 1. The tea basket should be able to stand alone - hence no round bottom. The basket falls over and gets leaves all over the place. 2. It would be nice if the lid to the pot would stay open by itself, making it easier to fill the tea basket. 3. The round handle looks great but it slips in my hand when pouring the tea and I have made a mess a couple of times. Since the pot is ceramic and is a bit heavy it needs more grippability - like a roundish but not completely round handle. 4. The pour spout is too narrow. It tends to leak out the spout and down the pot and onto the counter (outside the cup). I simply love the concept - but the design needs some review. Thanks sir

08/15/11 | , Cody, WY

infuser infuser infuser great pot, lousy lid

These little pots are adorable and have great function with their simple infusers, but the lids are definitely a weak spot. I love the simplicity of these pots to brew 2+ good cups of fresh tea at a time - the infusers sit neatly in the water until your tea is as strong as you desire, and then you just toss out the used leaves and go enjoy your fresh tea. (I find these infusers much easier and more efficient to clean than some of the other tea infusers sold here, like the Luci.) Still, the lid on the pot is a problem. I have 2 of these pots and they are both the same - the lid is loose, noisy, doesnt close well (if at all), and just feels very cheap compared to the rest of the pot. Still, I use my pot daily and it does make great tea. I just wish they would stabilize the lid and match its quality to the rest of the teapot.

01/28/11 | , near Pittsburgh, PA