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    Our Amber Tea Sugar is the product of the further refining by recrystallization of pure cane sugar. In fact, it is the purest form of sugar available because all impurities are excluded as the large crystals form. Even better, the sweetness enhances your favorite cup of tea without changing the flavor profile.
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    Perfect sweetener

    I love this sweetener, very subtle. My only request, as others have mentioned, is please offer larger size bags!

    3/29/13  |  Heidi, Miami, FL

    I will never use regular sugar in my tea again

    I went from regular white sugar to organic sugar to raw sugar.....and then I tried this! It changes everything. You HAVE to try it, but dont say you weren't'll never accept any substitutions! And I agree with the other reviewers, Tea Forte....make bigger bags!!!

    11/28/12  |  vicki, Warwick, NY

    Love. This. Sugar!

    PLEASE make bigger bags! A 5lb bag would be just perfect! This is the most amazing sugar ever. I find myself nibbling on the big chunks when I come upon one. They are that good! They dissolve quickly and I have yet to meet a tea it didn't compliment!

    3/13/12  |  Mindy, Portland, OR

    Third Agreement!

    I agree that we need LARGER bags. How about a five pound bag? We are all hooked. What a great product. I love this sugar.

    12/23/11  |  Cindy, Muscle Shoals, AL

    I am hooked!

    I completely agree with the first reviewer - this stuff is amazing! I too wish they had it available in larger bags, because now that I've tried it, I can't go back to my regular sweetener. It is the perfect sweetener for tea!

    1/28/11  |  sarah, near Pittsburgh, PA

    Best sugar in the WORLD!

    Love, love, LOVE this stuff. Sweetens without changing the flavor of the tea. The only thing that would make it better is if they offered bigger bags. With two daily tea drinkers in the house it doesn't take long to go through a bag of this. It took me a while to convince my mother that this DID NOT have a "molasses-like" flavor to it and she now uses it with every cup. I have thanked the person who first gave me this as a gift with the KATI Single Steeps but at the same time I wish she hadn't because when I run out and have to have my tea with regular sugar well it just isn't the same anymore. Pure bliss for tea drinkers!

    1/12/11  |  Paula, Vandalia, IL

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