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    luci loose tea infuser


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    An easy to use loose tea infuser that is perfect for brewing a cup, mug, or small teapot. Just add loose tea to the stainless steel base, twist on the colorful ceramic top and steep. After steeping, place the infuser on the accompanying tea tray to capture the drips.
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    Love this!

    I purchased this tea infuser in cherry blossom for myself at a local retailer. I've had so much trouble finding an infuser that didn't allow tea leaves to escape and I am beyond pleased with this! I'm sorry previous reviewers are having problems with this issue. I agree it is a bit heavy for china cups but fits my mugs perfectly. I'm ordering another one for my husband (so he isn't always using mine!) and another for a gift.

    1/16/15  |  Beth, Mahomet, IL

    Doesn't leak - perfect!

    I was concerned about this infuser leaking tea leaves, as other have described and have no problems with this what so ever. The metal infuser basket has a notch in each side which match up with ridges on the top ceramic piece. You simply line them up and twist slightly. I really enjoy the design and having the base for after seeping. The base has a concave bottom to allow excess water to drip into. The metal infuser itself has very small holes and even small tea leaves didn't escape I was a little surprised by the size. The infuser is pretty big for a standard size coffee mug (10oz). I think it is better suited for larger mugs. I was also hoping to be able to use it with my china tea cups (8oz) but I would be worried that they might get tipped over by the infuser. I would be thrilled if they came out with a slightly smaller version! The infuser I purchased was pistachio green.

    1/17/14  |  Michelle, Pittsburgh, PA

    Buying another one for work

    I'm enjoying this infuser enough to want one for work also. It's easy to use, no mess, easy to clean, and doubles as a stirring spoon. The occasional loose leaf of tea is fine with me.

    11/22/13  |  Deb, Cleveland, OH

    Doesn't Seal Well

    The actual strainer works well. I've been having a hard time finding strainers small enough for Tea Forte's teas, so when I found this one a week ago I figured it would work perfectly. Unfortunately like many others are saying, the top doesn't seal very well, no matter how many times I try to position it, it doesn't close completely. I specifically came here (never actually been to their website) to see if others are having the same problem or if it was just this one.

    9/30/13  |  Alex, san antonio, TX

    doesn't seal well

    great design but doesn't have its function. It dosen't seal well.

    1/22/13  |  Jasmine, San Francisco, CA

    Great idea but needs a little improvement.....

    I love the tea and the idea is great but the seal is faulty so the leaves float out. I would love a rubber gasket to put onto the one I have so I don't have to buy another one. Thanks so much for the awsome Vienna Cinnamon tea though it was worth the disappointment in the infuser.

    1/10/12  |  Jennifer, Headland, AL


    I bought this great infuser because I tired from making tea bags out of cheesecloth for my loose tea. I love the design, it looks great and people ask about it. the only issue is the seal at the top. Tea does slip out the top, but i just hold it and swirl it about in the glass. So if your in a rush or like a long steeped tea, this may not be for you. All round, amazing product, and would recommend.

    5/21/11  |  trish, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Doesn't seal well

    The design is beautiful and it looks lovely on my counter but the base of my Luci Loose Tea Infuser does not seal well to the metal. Therefore, the loose tea leaks out. I think the design just needs a little adjustment.

    4/6/11  |  Brenda, Anchorage, AK

    Best invention ever

    I travel a lot, often to attend day long meetings. In those meetings I like to have my loose tea - especially since all that is provided is coffee and ancient bagged tea. However, bringing my infuser and loose tea or a tea pot proves cumbersome and very messy since I need to remove the infuser to keep the tea from becoming bitter. This device makes great tea for a cup or a pot with very little mess. The stand gives the infuser a clean place to be without leaking when it isn't in your cup. The handle makes an attractive top to the infuser so it doesn't spill everywhere or look gross to those around me. Clean up is as simple as tapping it on a trash can. Filling it is easy when you cup your hand around the infuser. Great product all around!

    12/2/10  |  Linda, Denver, CO

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