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Ceremonial Matcha Bowl Set with whisk and ladle

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Matcha, a finely ground Japanese-style green tea, is traditionally served using a ceremonial tea bowl, bamboo whisk, and measuring ladle.

Use our ceremonial bowl set to ensure the full traditional experience. The handmade bamboo whisk, tea bowl, and measuring ladle are guaranteed to create a beautiful serving of tea, as well as a peaceful moment.

This set includes a handmade bamboo whisk (called a chasen), a tea bowl (matcha-chawan), and a measuring ladle (chashaku).

We suggest using one of the matcha blends in our Matcha Single Steeps® Sampler.
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  1. Lynn F.

    Beautiful Companion

    For the Matcha tea lovers, this set really adds to the experience of the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. Beautifully packaged and very functional.

    10/31/18 | Bonanza, OR