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KATI® Steeping Cup & Infuser foliage

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Loose tea by the cup.....simple. Our double-walled ceramic tumbler and integrated stainless steel infuser make steeping loose tea by the cup simple. The innovative double-wall construction keeps the tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Add the lid to your cup while steeping. When done, remove and use as a tray for your infuser basket. Choose from over 18 unique designs.

Measurements and Details:
  • Steeps 12 oz
  • Includes improved stainless steel infuser basket, ceramic cup & lid
  • Ceramic cup and lid are microwave & dishwasher-safe
  • Do not microwave stainless steel infuser basket
  • Box measures: 3.6 L x 3.6 D x 5.8 H"
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    1. Donna V.
      Verified Buyer

      Love these cups!

      We can't get enough of these cups. The colors, designs, they're great, fun to have. And, the strainer has been improved since the early ones.

      10/15/18 | Sierra Vista, AZ
    2. Wendy S.
      Verified Buyer


      Very pleased with the product and the speed of getting it!

      08/19/18 | Bunkerville, NV
    3. Elise L.

      The best cup I've ever had!

      This cup is thick with a beautiful design and the perfect amount of tea in every cup. Don't even get me started on their loose leaf. Buy this cup it'll fit perfectly in your cabinet.

      07/19/18 | Roy, WA
    4. Malcolm K.
      Verified Buyer

      Steeping cups both attractive and functional.

      These ceramic, covered cups are available in some eight designs or more, so there will be several you'll like (I bought four designs), and you will use them, not only to steep either loose or bagged teas (with the included, fitted, stainless-steel infuser basket) but, because they are double-walled and include ceramic cap, they're great to keep any hot beverage hot longer. And I like the size, which after the infuser is removed, leaves more than a teacup of tea, and when you don't use the infuser, you get a mug+ fill of coffee or other beverage, which can also be heated in the microwave (without infuser). Whichever design, it's as good a ceramic infusing, thermal container as you'll find, and its quality and style fit right in with the rest of Tea Forté's tea products and accessories. And look for a great infusing pitcher to match your favorite cup design.

      02/25/18 | Cincinnati, OH
    5. Tamara H.
      Verified Buyer

      I'm loving this cup, it keeps my tea warm without burning my hands. The infuser is so convenient. I need to get a second one to keep at my office.

      02/15/18 | Murray, UT
    6. Martha H.
      Verified Buyer

      Lovely design

      Great cup. Great infuser.

      02/13/18 | Bradenton, FL
    7. Amber S.

      Love this cup!

      I absolutely love this cup! The design is perfect. Fall is my favorite season so I love the fall leaves. I do wish it had a pumpkin on it though. I noticed that the fall tea boxes had the same foiliage design with a pumpkin on it. I would prefer the foiliage cup to have included the pumpkin since pumpkins are such a prominent part of the fall season. If they come out with a pumpkin cup, I will purchase a few dozen. Love it!

      09/13/17 | Las Vegas, NV