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KATI® Steeping Cup & Infuser spring grass

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Loose tea by the cup.....simple. Our double-walled ceramic tumbler and integrated stainless steel infuser make steeping loose tea by the cup simple. The innovative double-wall construction keeps the tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Add the lid to your cup while steeping. When done, remove and use as a tray for your infuser basket. Choose from over 18 unique designs.

Measurements and Details:
  • Steeps 12 oz
  • Includes improved stainless steel infuser basket, ceramic cup & lid
  • Ceramic cup and lid are microwave & dishwasher-safe
  • Do not microwave stainless steel infuser basket
  • Box measures: 3.6 L x 3.6 D x 5.8 H"
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    1. Renzo W.
      Verified Buyer

      Another great tea cup!!

      08/25/18 | Essex jct, VT
    2. Erin L.
      Verified Buyer

      Best way to steep the tastiest cup of tea.

      02/11/18 | Hampstead, MD
    3. Debra G.
      Verified Buyer

      Love it

      02/11/18 | Milton, GA
    4. Dawn T.
      Verified Buyer

      Nice cups... nice and cheery

      05/04/17 | Winter Haven, FL
    5. Kelly O.

      Great until it started leaking

      This cup started out great-5 stars. I could microwave the water in it, drop in the infuser with the loose leaf tea in it, steep it with the lid and enjoy. This worked about 5 times and then I noticed that it was leaking out of the bottom of the cup. I discovered an actual hole in the bottom of the cup. I have another kati cup in a different design and it has what looks like a plug in the hole in the bottom of the cup. So I it looks like my spring grass cup lost it's plug or was somehow defective. Very disappointing because the design is great and my other cup works fantastic.

      04/15/17 | MILWAUKIE, OR
    6. aline s.
      Verified Buyer

      great for loose tea

      I love this new cup/infuser. I received an all-green one as a gift and bought a spring grass one to go with it. Being able to use the right amount of loose tea in a single cup/mug is great. I like the insert on the spring grass one best--it's solid, not a mesh, like the all-green one. Also, the holes are small enough that I don't have finely cut leaves drifting down into my mug. The only caveat/warning is that the cup gets very hot. After you pour in the water, move it to where you want it and then make sure that you wait until the cup can be picked up without burning yourself.

      02/20/17 | Danville, CA
    7. Cierra R.
      Verified Buyer

      Perfect cup

      I love my cup!! I haven't been drinking loose leaf tea long but this cup is absolutely perfect. It is heavy and well-made.

      02/17/17 | Rushville, IN
    8. Elizabeth C.
      Verified Buyer


      This cup makes a perfect cup of tea! The steeper is great. I love the cover which helps keep the heat in while the tea is steeping. (I hate lukewarm tea!) An added bonus ishiw the cup fits perfectly in your hands! I bought as gifts and I'm about to buy more for other friends.

      02/13/17 | Mahomet, IL
    9. Brenda A.
      Verified Buyer

      Great cups to keep tea hot.

      I love these cups for keeping my tea and coffee hot. I warm the cup with hot water first, and then make my tea. Hot tea for at least 1 hour!!

      02/09/17 | Woodside, CA
    10. Paula B.
      Verified Buyer

      Wish it had a handle.

      Wish it had a handle.

      02/09/17 | Boca Raton, FL
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