Iced Tea Makers
Cool & Refreshing

Elevating iced tea to a higher level. Only Tea Forté can transform a cool glass of iced tea into an entertaining event. Authentic iced tea is steeped and flash-chilled moments before you drink it. Tea Forté’s unique iced tea maker does exactly that in a fashionable way.

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Lore has it that iced tea was “created” at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. The East Indian Pavilion was offering free hot tea, but because it was so hot, no one was interested. To entice the crowds, Richard Blechynden has the idea of serving it cold, and the rest is history. Iced tea is vastly more popular in the US than hot tea. And what better way to enjoy it than to steep it fresh. Tea Forté makes it simple with ‘Tea Over Ice’ iced tea maker.

Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set

Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set

A dramatic presentation