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Forté Tea Press steeps 12 oz

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Steep fresh loose leaf tea and infuse herbs to their fullest potential with the sophistication and function of the Forté Tea Press. Distinctively designed,the plunger-style brewing method yields the rich, full-bodied character of premium teas with elegance and ease, creating an exceptional tea experience. Designed to allow the diverse range of subtle flavors of the tea to be released into the water, the Forté Tea Press is the ultimate way to experience a superior cup of tea. Contemporary, polished-plated stainless steel with black accents. Steeps 12 oz.
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  1. keonbaek k.
    Verified Buyer


    Very convenient...easy to care...

    02/27/18 | yardley, PA
  2. Kelly C.
    Verified Buyer


    This works really well with loose tea!

    12/14/17 | Greensburg, PA
  3. Barbara M.
    Verified Buyer

    A lovely, elegant tea press. It has its faults but brews tea well.

    Obviously, being glass means careful handling. I'm used to glass cups, etc. so I always warm this press with hot tap water before ever putting heated tea water in it. When I do, I add just a small amount at a time and swish around so the glass gets no heat shock. My only complaint is that unless I manually straighten the press filter each time, I don't get a good seal and end up with bits of tea leaves floating after the press has been used. Minor issue actually but I wish the press was a bit tighter. I had to hold it up to keep it from dropping down in the press before the tea brewed. Again, a minor issue easily solved but my other presses stay in place. All in all, it is really lovely & a pleasure to use on a tray with a lovely cup or mug. I saw other had theirs break so I'm taking extra care plus Tea Forte said they'd replace it if it did. Glass requires care and perhaps some more than others. Pre-warming gently seems to be doing the trick.

    08/11/17 | Willowbrook, IL
  4. Victoria D.
    Verified Buyer


    Love it! Making tea has never been easier.

    05/04/17 | calabasas, CA
  5. Sheila P.
    Verified Buyer

    Didn't care for this tea press

    It was not the size I thought it was going to be. That is a error on my part not paying attention to the description. But, it was very disappointing as I could just use my own coffee press. I understand now that it was tea press for one but, it just seems to be a waste of money to me.

    05/04/17 | Mansfield, OH
  6. Jackie H.
    Verified Buyer


    Love this press! It is even better with Tea Forte's loose tea!

    03/28/17 | Nashville, IN
  7. Lara T.
    Verified Buyer

    Works fine

    It works fine and is probably very good for what it does, but I am not able to notice any difference at all between using this or the Kati Cup. I think the Kati Cup is easier and gives you one less thing to clean.

    03/03/17 | Burr Ridge, IL
  8. Vicki C.
    Verified Buyer


    02/21/17 | Shelburne, Canada
  9. Veronica O.
    Verified Buyer

    Makes great tea from loose tea leaves and herbs.

    02/09/17 | Wappingers Falls, NY
  10. Mary G.
    Verified Buyer

    Great tea press...

    Love to be able to make a great cup of tea...

    02/09/17 | Bristol, CT