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    Tea Forte’s set of ceramic tea trays offer a dramatic and festive presentation for serving our Silken Tea Infusers. Return infusers to these trays after brewing to catch the drips. Each gift box contains two trays. An ideal accompaniment to any size of our silken pyramid tea package options.
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    A must have and you don't know it

    I honestly don't know how I used infusers without these trays. They hold used infusers and any tea that drips out perfectly. It keeps things tidy and, well, they look nice! I use my infusers twice if I have a second cup of tea within the hour and this is a perfect place to hold a used one until I make that second cup. And if you are serving tea to friends, these really add to the presentation. If you purchase these, you will definitely use them. Very durable.

    11/27/12  |  vicki, Warwick, NY

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