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    skin-smart loose tea canister


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    Delicious Skin-Smart tea works with your body's chemistry to help protect and take care of skin from within. These progressive teas support the detoxifying effect of abundant plant-based polyphenols and catechins, a strong tool in skin recovery and the fight against visible signs of skin ageing. With an integrative approach to beauty, these delectable teas are intended to promote a more youthful looking and feeling appearance.

    Enjoy throughout the day. The weight of the tea ranges from 90-100 grams depending on the volume of the blend. Each canister contains 50 servings.
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    • Skin-Smart Loose Tea Canister

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    Not the same

    I'd been purchasing lychee coconut tea bags from a local grocery store, and was completely in love with the tea. It was basically all I drank. After the tea bags were discontinued, I purchased the loose leaf tea, hoping for the same taste. It is not the same at all. The aroma is completely different, and the taste is more bitter than the tea bags ever were. The tea is also too finely ground to stay in any of the usual tea steepers, even the Kati Brewing System. I am not impressed.

    8/4/14  |  Sydnee , Concord, NH

    More isn't necessarily better!

    Take it from someone who learned the hard way: more isn't better with this tea. Follow the directions! I was so excited to receive this tea a few weeks ago. Then I tried it. Whoa! I didn't like it at all. However, I learned today that it was my own fault I didn't like it. I usually drink black tea, the blacker the better. So I'm used to using extra tea and steeping it long. The first pot of Cherry Marzipan I made, I heaped 4 teaspoons into the infuser and I let it steep for quite a while. It was bitter! I couldn't taste cherry or marzipan at all. I was ready to chuck it. This morning, I thought I'd follow the directions. I put 4 scan to level teaspoons in the infuser and steeped it for about 3 minutes. What a difference! It is delicious and fragrant. The bitterness is dialed *way* back. The cherry and marzipan shine through the green tea flavor. Some times, it is much smarter to follow the directions than to do what you "always" do!

    10/3/13  |  Christine, Kenosha, WI

    Swiss Apple

    This one I really like!

    9/23/12  |  Kathleen, Weymouth Nova Scotia/ Lynn MA, Canada

    Cherry Marzipan

    Guess I'm just not a cherry kinda person.... or maybe it's the marzipan. Not wild about this one. Just ok.

    9/23/12  |  Kathleen, Weymouth Nova Scotia/ Lynn MA, Canada

    Swiss apple

    I could not drink this one at all. I do not like the flavor, it tastes odd. I feel I wasted my $ on this one. I have always had good results with your other flavors so this was a bit of a downer.

    4/24/12  |  Terase, Vancouver, WA

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