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    two pyramid infusers each: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, Honey Yuzu, Lychee Coconut, Swiss Apple, one glass tea tray, one white SoHo cup

    skin-smart gift set


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    Everything one needs to give the gift of beauty from within. The lidded, double-wall, 8oz ceramic SoHo cup preserves the tea's pure taste and keeps the steep warm. A glass tea tray provides the perfect resting place for the infuser after steeping. Includes a Skin-Smart Petite Ribbon Box, all presented in a beautiful keepsake box.
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    The cup is the best part!

    Ok these teas are pretty ok. My mother is in love with the cherry marzipan. The Honey Yuzu tastes pretty much like honey, a little mild and nothing special. I wouldn't say any of the teas were mind blowing but most were solidly good. The cucumber wasn't my favorite but I don't generally like cucumber or mint so I cannot count that against the tea. The cup however, is perfect. My mother stole it and I am plotting to get it back. It fits perfectly in the hand and doesn't get too hot. I wish they sold it in packs of four or more. Even individually would be great.

    5/1/13  |  Abigail, baltimore, MD

    Good sampler

    This is a good sampler, but I like my teas to have a stronger taste than the teas in this set. I had to double up on the bags in order for any flavor to be in my cup. The teas themselves were tastey.

    3/17/13  |  Kimberly , Nyack, NY

    Loved these!

    I'm not a big fan of fruity tea. I like my green tea to taste, well, green. I was a little apprehensive about these new green tea 'flavors', but they proclaimed to be good for the skin so I went for it, all or nothing. And they were GREAT! I tried the Cucumber Mint, Cherry Marzipan, and Honey Yuzu and they were all splendid. Not too much, not too little, in a word: perfect! My favorite was the Cucumber Mint. I definitely suggest giving these a try.

    5/3/12  |  H, La Jolla, CA

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