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KATI® Steeping Cup & Infuser hanami

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Loose tea by the cup.....simple. Our double-wall ceramic tumbler and integrated stainless steel infuser make brewing loose tea by the cup simple. The innovative double-wall construction keeps tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Brews a generous 12oz. Cup and lid are dishwasher and microwave safe.
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  1. zee D.


    I got this for my mother as a gift I can't wait till she opens it I read a; the reviews and it sounds like the best cup ever

    04/04/18 | jp, FL
  2. Mackenzie W.

    Simply Beautiful

    There is an older KATI design called Cherry Blossom I believe, and the Hanami, while similar, blows that out of the water. The detail is so much finer!

    03/18/18 | Grand Forks, ND
  3. Gail P.

    Pretty Cup

    The cup was a beautiful springy picture of elegance. I love the Kati Cups and have many of them, but this one was an oriental delight. Thank you for this gift to me.

    03/16/18 | Milan, PA
  4. Kathryn R.

    Gorgeous and functional

    This is the prettiest Kati cup I've received. The detail in the design is stunning. Additionally, they're revamped the infuser design since I last purchased a cup, and it's an improvement. The infuser cup now sits lower and features smaller holes, allowing my to brew finer teas in the cup and still enjoy with minimal silt.

    03/16/18 | Chicago, IL
  5. Laurie S.

    Another beautiful Kati cup

    I just love the Kati cups and have...almost all of them :) The cherry blossom pattern is beautiful and enhances the tea drinking experience. It looks great on my counter as the tea brews. The design is so functional. The tea infuser is the perfect depth to allow the tea to brew properly. Others are too shallow and don't allow for the tea to steep properly. This is my only loose tea cup. I love to pass on as gifts as well.

    03/15/18 | San Marcos, CA
  6. Lynn F.

    One More to my Growing Collection

    I have 7 other Kati cups and am thrilled to add this new one to my collection. The colors of the blossoms are soft pink and very delicate in nature. I own the other cherry blossom Kati cup, but this one is very different. This might soon become my favorite.

    03/09/18 | Bonanza, OR
  7. Frances T.

    Beautiful New Design!

    This new design is lovely - so delicate looking and bright. The light pink looks SLIGHTLY lighter in person than it does on my computer, but it is very pretty and feminine. The redesign of the infuser allows for more room to brew the tea properly and the double-walled sides still prevent the cup from burning your fingers. Kati Steeping Cups have been a favorite of mine for some time and I am so happy with this addition.

    03/07/18 | Burr Ridge, IL
  8. Ali H.

    Simply stunning

    This is the perfect floral addition to my teaware. I love the KATI cup for its convenience and function -- but the Hanami design is just beautiful.

    03/07/18 | Austin, TX
  9. Nancy M.

    Beautiful cup

    I have several of the Kati cups and love the new design of the infuser. It definitely allows for more room for the tea to steep properly. The color on my cup is slightly more muted than what is pictured but even more beautiful in person. My 11 year old daughter who has started drinking herbal teas has already claimed it as her own! Although I have not been to Japan, it does remind me of the cherry blossoms in spring in Vancouver.

    03/06/18 | Dousman(Milwaukee area), WI
  10. Sherry H.

    Love the Kati Cups

    I love these cups. They keep my tea hot for a longer time than most cups. The picture is ok, but the cup in real life is so much more prettier.

    03/06/18 | Plano, TX
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