lime mojito


Support your body's defenses with antioxidants
found in the sunny citrus of lemons and limes.
A taste of the tropics with the breeze of mint.
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lime mojito minteas
lime mojito minteas
44 servings
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lime mojito

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sorbitol, xylitol, natural flavors, organic matcha green tea, Fair Trade Certified™ organic white tea, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), calcium stearate

Caffeine Level

Low in Caffeine
Low in Caffeine


Fair Trade Certified
Fair Trade Certified

Customer Reviews (6)   Write a review

Tastes like a cleaning product`

I had to throw these away, they tasted like a cleaning product smells.

12/16/13  |  Taryn, Minneapolis, MN

OK, just another candy...

no different from any other sweet. Needs a little something...more match or mint. Feels a little dull on the tongue. Got it as a sample in my Consciousness Box. Thanks, but it needs a re-do to be as effect as it proclaims.

4/1/13  |  kim, Fresno, CA

very good

a nice treat

10/29/12  |  jenny, Western, GA


I too got these in my Birchbox and had to check out the website. I love the hint of lime and mint. I will be ordering not only these but some tea also.

8/13/12  |  Elizabeth , Tampa, FL


I also received these in my monthly birchbox and I have to admit that these are just plain amazing. I am obsessed and definitely ordering more!

10/17/11  |  Tasha, Lawrence, KS


I received these as a bonus gift in my monthly Birchbox and as soon as I tried one I HAD to look these things up. Definitely tastes like a lime mojito! Minty, fresh, and in such a cute package. MUST get!

10/8/11  |  Amanda, Fredericksburg, VA

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